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Cheryl Cole can't wait to release new album

Cheryl Cole has teased fans by saying that she can't wait to share her new album with them.

The singer is releasing her solo album 'A Million Lights' soon and has been building buzz by releasing a couple of new songs.

She had previously unveiled a video for 'Call My Name' before uploading yesterday (May 22) a new track called 'Love Killer'.

Speaking to Capital FM, Cole said that she can't stop listening to the album and wants to release it now. Speaking about the new record, she said:

"The album, yeah, is that weird – playing it on repeat? I want to share it now. I've had some of the songs for a year or longer."

Cole meanwhile was asked if she is in a good place just now, to which she replied: "I'm in a very good place, yes."




Watch the video for 'Call My Name' below: