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Pink: 'I’m trying to figure out how to top the last tour and stay alive'

Pink has revealed that she’s trying to figure out how to top her last tour whilst staying alive.

The US singer, who this week celebrated her first ever Billboard chart-topping album, told Australia’s The Telegraph that she can’t wait to get back on the road for her 'The Truth About Love' tour:

"Hell yeah, we are putting it all together now. I am honestly just trying to figure out how to top the last tour and stay alive. It was so fun, I had such a good time on that show."

The ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' singer, whose 2009 'Funhouse' tour played out over 151 dates, also admitted that she may have to work out a bit more to prepare for the first show in Phoenix on Feb 13:

"I am going to take my little fat arse to the gym today but other than that I am pretty lazy these days.

“We are conceptualising and putting it (the tour) all together. It is definitely a process with us because we go at it from every angle, from the storyline to the songs to the pace and to what song lends itself to what acrobatic."




Watch footage from Pink's last tour below: