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Taylor Swift wants at least four children

Taylor Swift has revealed that she is looking forward to having a large family.

The 22-year-old hitmaker told Marie Claire magazine that she is looking at a "minimum" of four kids as she plans her route into motherhood.

Swift recently came out top on Forbes' recent list of the highest paid celebrities aged under 30 and she said that she might use her earnings on her future children. She said:

"That money will be really good for sending my kids to college some day – or maybe I'll have a few more kids than I thought. I want a bunch of them running around, minimum four."

Despite pocketing millions, Swift added that she doesn't think about how much her music and tours might be making. Speaking about topping the Forbes list, she said:

"I called my dad and said: 'How did that happen?' I just wake up every day and go about my life and do what's on the schedule. I don't think in terms of how much money it's making. I just knew the crowds were getting bigger and the shows were selling out faster. For something like that to come out is certainly unexpected and nice."

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