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Tulisa wants to crack the UK before she tries America

Tulisa Contostavlos has said that she will wait before trying to become the next Brit to crack America.

The X Factor judge is in the throes of launching her solo career after her band N-Dubz went on a prolonged break.

With the likes of One Direction and The Wanted performing so well in the US, it could be a good time for other British based acts to crack America - but she told new! magazine that she wants to become a success in her homeland first. She said:

"I'm not moving. Obviously, one day I'd like to crack the States musically, but I've got to crack the UK first. London is my place. I don't want to be anywhere else. I wouldn't survive [in the States].''

Tulisa also commented on what her life is like after being tapped up by the X Factor, saying that it is both "better" and "more stressful". She said:

"My world sort of flipped upside down on its head, a lot of ways for the better and in some ways a bit more stressful. It's been an amazing journey, a roller coaster. I'm just grateful for all the blessings that I've had."




Watch Tulisa's debut solo single 'Young' below: