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Tulisa 'paranoid' after Gary Barlow criticised her "fag-ash breath" live on national TV

The X Factor's Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed that after Gary Barlow laid into her personal hygiene on a recent episode of the TV vocal talent show she has become paranoid about the issue.

Last week, Barlow criticised Tulisa live on air by saying "I don't know what's offended me more - what you've said or the fag-ash breath" and she has now admitted to Digital Spy that she's concerned other people can tell she's a smoker by the way she smells:

"The truth is, Gary had nothing to say. And that was his comeback. He knows it's something I'm paranoid about as a smoker, so that's why he said it. I'm over it now, though."

She also explained that her PA, Gareth Varey, had injured himself the previous night after hours of partying at London hotspot Mahiki:

"It's not too good. It's all casted up and he's got a broken ankle, but he's still here tonight with his crutches. What a trouper. I've been wheeling him around."




Watch the clip of Barlow offending Tulisa here: