Is The Earth Entering A New Ice Age? Find Out In The New Film ICE AGE: HISTORY & FUTURE


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Is the Earth entering a new Ice Age? The new film ICE AGE: HISTORY & FUTURE aims to tackle the long unanswered question. Filmmaker Dwayne Buckle takes us on a quest to discover the true understanding of our earth and these vast geophysical events that can perhaps shape our destiny on this planet. For starters, we can say that the Earth has experienced many Ice Ages in its vast 4 Billion year history, with the last one peaking about 20,000 years ago, and finally melting away about 11,500 years ago (in fact some would say that the Ice is still melting away and hasn't finished melting!), we are currently in a period called an Inter-Glacial period where the temperature is just right for life, the opposite period to that would be called a Glacial period where it would be an Ice Age, we swing back and forth through Glacial and Inter Glacial periods depending on how far the earth is from the sun, the Earth can warm up and also the planet can get extremely cold and we have an Ice Age. When the Ice melts it ushers in the start of a new beginning and a new world of culture, civilization, and society and can also lead to extensive geographical changes within the earth and even the extinction of entire species. When an Ice Age happens exactly cannot be predicted by date but there are planetary signs that we can watch out for that can signal the start of an Ice Age. The next Ice Age isn't scheduled to appear for at least another 20,000 years, but modern humans with our technology, greenhouse gases, and carbon emissions footprint, have the potential to alter timescales, habitats, biomes, and social structures radically, can we alter the Ice Age? Ice Ages are part of the natural planetary orbital cycle of changes that we must go through, it is based on the elliptical tilt of the earth's axis as it orbits around the sun over a 26,000-year cycle, it cannot be changed or ignored. Do we humans have the ability to shape these geophysical changes to sustain our continued existence on the planet? Find out in Ice Age: History & Future.

ICE AGE: HISTORY & FUTURE is distributed by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd.

360 Sound And Vision is an independent media and technology company located in New York City.

ICE AGE: HISTORY & FUTURE is written & directed By Dwayne Buckle

ICE AGE: HISTORY & FUTURE will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Streaming & Digital Download July 234d 2024.



360 Sound And Vision is an independent film & media company located in New York City.

April 16, 2024 2:12am ET by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd.  

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