Iranian black metal band performs TAAKE cover in front of Iran Embassy

TAAKE cover performed by KAABOOS (کابوس), a one-man black metal band from Iran, currently residing in Norway

New KAABOOS album set for release early 2024 via Iblis Manifestations



One-man band Kaaboos recently performed a Taake cover of the track “Nordbundet” during a protest in front of the Iranian Embassy in Oslo, Norway. The protest was against the cultural totalitarianism of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its strict restrictions and the banning of forms of cultural expression such as heavy metal.

The video of Kaaboos performing Taake’s “Nordbundet” on 13th October 2023 was premiered today via the following sites:

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Kaaboos (کابوس) which stands for Nightmare in Farsi/Persian, is a one-man Black Metal band from Iran, currently residing in Norway. Main man 'Atash' whose name translates to 'Fire' - left his home country of Iran and sought refuge in Norway, the true home of black metal, in order to freely express himself via this unique and versatile subculture, away from the religious and dictatorial oppression of the Middle Eastern country.

Regarding the protest in Oslo, Atash said: “Black Metal is a powerful weapon for rebellion and my goal with the protest show outside of the Iranian embassy in Oslo, was to give the Islamic regime a slap in the face. To show them that one can only blossom and discover oneself in freedom.”

“Reasons to why I left Iran at the age of 16, was due to the lack of freedom in my country.” Atash added, “Religious restrictions on expression and most importantly belief among many more, were what held me back from actually pursuing my passion and living a fulfilling life. Iran is a country of no sense and peace, being forced to go by the Islamic rules was by no means a choice of mine. But due to the hardcore punishments and torture as a result of not doing so, I had no chance but to leave home and properly experience life elsewhere.”

“Freedom of expression and life is what I discovered in Norway, something that I admire but also feel upset about it not being so everywhere. As an artist, to be able to fully express personal emotions and beliefs through music, and not get judged or punished for, is a gift that I'm truly grateful to have.”

Kaaboos has been operating since October 2019, with the 'Leviathan' demo marking its first release in May 2022. A new album is in the making and is planned for an early 2024 release via Iblis Manifestations.

The lyrical content of Kaaboos revolves around a fascination with the left-hand path, as well as dealing with the first-hand oppression and the tyranny of Islam, which strongly relate to Atash's own personal experiences back in his home country of Iran. The essence of a dark and atmospheric, yet raging black metal sound, as well as the radically occult lyrics are what define Kaaboos at its best.

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