EMPIRE and Uknow Entertainment Announce a Global Distribution Deal with Artist 4Rain


Maéva Tavares

JANUARY 22, 2024 - MIAMI, FL - EMPIRE, the globally acclaimed music giant, and Uknow Entertainment proudly announce the signing of an exclusive distribution deal, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for 4Rain on a global scale. EMPIRE, a record label that has propelled the careers of renowned artists is closely collaborating with Uknow Entertainment to support the emerging talent of the artist 4Rain.

"I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing the incredible teams at UKnow Entertainment and Empire Records collaborating on all of 4Rain's future music releases. Their combined expertise and passion will undoubtedly elevate 4Rain's artistry to new heights, and I can't wait to witness the amazing music that will result from this collaboration," declares 4Rain. This exclusive deal marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for 4Rain on a global scale.

The first fruit of this collaboration will be the new single titled "Breaking Away," a captivating work created in collaboration with the talented singer Priscilla K. This release promises to be an exhilarating blend of captivating electronic melodies and entrancing Afro House rhythms, showcasing 4Rain's distinctive expertise in music production and the striking vocals of Priscilla K.

EMPIRE, as a musical giant, and Uknow Entertainment eagerly anticipate 4Rain's upcoming successes, with the new single "Breaking Away" being the first of a series of musical gems to come. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about this promising collaboration.

"As I stand here today, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for each and every member of the Uknow Entertainment team. The journey we have embarked upon together has been filled with hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion for our craft. Today, as we announce our partnership with one of the most dominant record labels in the world, Empire Records, I am filled with immense joy and gratitude for what we have accomplished," says Jose Luis Varela, CEO of Uknow Entertainment and manager of 4Rain.



4Rain, also known as Stephan Tavares, is a highly successful DJ and electronic music producer who has earned a seat among the giants of the industry. Composing for Grammy Award-decorated artists, he has climbed global charts, broadcasting his music worldwide and resonating with an audience that truly appreciates his art.
In 2023, he embarked on a world tour comprising over 50 dates. 4Rain, a lover of world cultures, found inspiration in his travels, resulting in numerous collaborations and projects. Among them, "Out of Time" received acclaim on several billboards in Times Square and Miami. Collaborations like "Best Friend" with Kasango, "Light Up" with Lemon & Herb and Dj Vitoto, "Taca na Butchaca" with Mc Gw and Mc Menor do Alvorada, and "Vida" with Mc Delux also marked his productive year.

Once again, 4Rain treated his fans to a musical journey, traversing European, African, and Latin American continents. The essence of his passion for world music traces back to the early chapters of his career.
His story is a captivating adventure that begins in the south of France. In the streets of his small town, he allowed his imagination to flourish by imitating artists, secretly dreaming of the day he could become the voice behind enchanting melodies.

At the age of 20, his dream persisted. Gathering courage, he set out to make his love for music a tangible reality. His first chapter unfolded in the United Kingdom, in London, where he audaciously learned to play the piano while honing his music production skills. However, the harsh reality of life imposed its unrelenting pace, forcing him to juggle between artistic aspirations and the need to earn a living.

Faced with this dilemma, Stephan made a decisive choice. Instead of abandoning his dreams in the face of financial difficulties, he boldly opted for a new path, flying to Canada and marking the second chapter of his career. There, he immersed himself in sound engineering studies. Graduating, strengthened, and ready to conquer the world with his music, he transformed his dream into an inspiring challenge and set off to live his American dream in Miami.
Beneath the Miami sky, he encountered JLV, who became his manager. Combining their skills, they signed their first contract with a label and persevered through the corridors of record companies with unwavering determination. 4Rain faced rejections and difficulties but persisted until the doors of opportunity finally opened.

His career took off with the RnB Pop track "Call Me," propelling him rapidly into the top Shazam charts worldwide, including France and the USA. His work received widespread acclaim in the electronic/pop music space.
In 2018, 4Rain asserted himself with the track "Whatever," in collaboration with Sasha Ogletree, securing a spot among the top 50 electro-pop music videos at the MTV Awards that same year. He then unveiled his solo piece "I Don't Belong," which ranked in global Shazam charts. His singles surpassed 100,000 copies in worldwide sales, sharing his musical inspirations with major international artists.

The unveiling of his collaboration with the talented Nigerian singer Niniola on the Afro-pop track "Disturb Phone" highlighted his ability to elegantly merge genres. Furthermore, his collaborations with artists Atomic Otro Way and Ayo Jay on the enchanting track "Kiss My Lips" strengthened his artistic imprint in the contemporary music landscape.
4Rain has transcended the boundaries of electronic music, earning a global reputation as an artist. With his catchy music and unforgettable stage presence, he has captivated crowds and established himself as one of the most talented artists of his generation.

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