MYRANDAS return with their new single and bring Caribbean heat to the Hotel Cafe


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Get ready for an electrifying night as MYRANDAS, the LA-based rising Latin band, return with their newest single, ‘Necesito Q Me Distraigas.' Released today, this song marks MYRANDAS' first venture into perreo territory—a magnetic fusion of infectious beats and undeniable energy. The band is ready to set the stage ablaze at the Hotel Café on February 24th.

Founded in Havana by singer Kristina Miranda and musician/Grammy-winning engineer Marciel Miranda, and with Cuban-Puerto Rican drummer Richard Herrera on board, MYRANDAS promise an unforgettable experience of Latin music. They expressed their excitement about participating in the Sunset Eclectico night organized by Luis Polanco, along with the anticipation of special guests DJ Ethos and violist Jeremy Jones joining them on stage for a unique performance experience. Speaking more about their single and the show, MYRANDAS mentioned: “We can't wait to play our new single for the audience and to share the Hotel Cafe stage with our talented friends. We also look forward to seeing other acts from Jesús Guerrero, the lead singer of Ramona, and Yetzirah Vargas who will be a part of this night!”

The beginning of 2024 has marked an incredibly promising start for MYRANDAS, with their performance at the NAMM Show and their recent single ‘Cuentale' receiving a glowing review in Remezcla, and becoming one of the main soundtracks for the Cuban telenovela 'Viceversa.' With their blend of Caribbean grooves, catchy melodies, and an alternative representation of the urbano genre, MYRANDAS are making waves in Los Angeles with their fresh sound. They don’t cease to surprise with their creativity; ‘Necesito Q Me Distraigas’ is no exception…

The band has crafted a playful song infused with humor, with a chorus line that translates to “I need you to entertain me every time I call you.” The track delves into the dynamics of a relationship between a seemingly spoiled girl, a self-professed gold digger, and a not particularly romantic guy, who finds himself irresistibly drawn to her charms. The track promises to deliver a fresh and engaging experience, capturing the essence of a modern love story.


MYRANDAS is a Latin urban band based in LA. The project originated in Havana and was founded by trilingual singer Kristina Miranda and musician/Grammy-winning engineer Marciel Miranda. Initially recognized as a rock project, MYRANDAS transitioned to a new musical direction in 2022, incorporating Caribbean influences into their songs. The current lineup includes Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera. The band blends Latin grooves, catchy guitar riffs, pop, and electronic music elements, offering a fresh perspective on the urbano genre.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Rosalía, Bomba Estéreo, and Bad Bunny, MYRANDAS unveiled their fresh sound at NextFest 2022 at the LA County Fair. Since then they have performed at festivals and popular tropical, dance, and Afro-Latin music events, including Subsuelo and La Junta.

In 2023 MYRANDAS' started releasing their Latin music. The band received support globally from publications such as LA Times, Remezcla, Hola! USA, and more. The year 2024 began with their new single, ‘Cuentale,’ becoming one of the main soundtracks for the Cuban telenovela ‘Viceversa,’ solidifying the band's presence in the Latin music scene.

February 23, 2024 6:10am ET by 90 Miles Music  

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