Three Thrilling New True-Crime Docu-Series to Premiere in Early 2024 on Hulu from ABC News

ABC News Studios Announces Three Thrilling New True-Crime Docu-Series to Premiere in Early 2024

streaming Exclusively on Hulu


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Beginning January 2024, ABC News Studios expands its collection of chilling true-crime docu-series by debuting three new narrative nonfiction titles, streaming exclusively on Hulu: "Daughters of the Cult," "Me, Hereafter" and season two of "Death in the Dorms." This is the third true-crime slate release from ABC News Studios since its launch in 2022; these new docu-series add to the notable lineup of popular streaming titles such as "Killing County," "Betrayal: The Perfect Husband," three seasons of "Wild Crime" and more.


"DAUGHTERS OF THE CULT" (Thursday, Jan. 4)

"Daughters of the Cult" is a shocking, five-episode deep-dive into the history of a splinter group of Mormon fundamentalist cult members who perpetrate a deadly wave of violence and abuse for decades in the name of their fanatical prophet, Ervil LeBaron. Dubbed the "Mormon Manson," LeBaron and his followers were hidden in plain sight throughout the Southwest and Mexico. Now, past members of the infamous cult tell the true story behind the string of murderous crimes.

"Daughters of the Cult" features interviews with surviving ex-members, including multiple children of LeBaron, who speak about their experience being raised under their father's rule. Fresh insight comes from relatives and law enforcement who worked on the murder cases, painting an emotional and grisly picture of a brutal madman ordering cold-blooded executions. Despite running from the FBI for most of their young lives, there is triumph and healing for the brave few men and women who escaped and began anew.

"Daughters of the Cult" is produced by ABC News Studios, All3Media and Main Event Media. Emily Bon, Jimmy Fox and Jacob Cohen-Holmes are executive producers. Sara Mast is director and executive producer, and Smith Glover is co-executive producer. ABC News Studios' David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Beth Hoppe is the executive producer.


Returning for a second season, "Death in the Dorms" follows six chilling stories of college students from different schools whose lives were tragically cut short by violent crime: Jackson State University accounting major Latasha Norman, Louisiana State University first-year student Max Gruver, University of Miami linebacker Marlin Barnes and his friend Timwanika Lumpkins, Temple University film studies student Jenna Burleigh, Binghamton University nursing student Haley Anderson, and College of Charleston student Patrick Moffly.

Through emotional testimony from family and friends and interviews with key law enforcement, each episode focuses on the life of a bright young student and their lost potential, their loved ones' grief, and the fight to bring their killers to justice.

"Death in the Dorms" is produced by ABC News Studios in association with The Intellectual Property Corporation (a part of Sony Pictures Television) and Yes, Like The River. ABC News Studios' Carrie Cook is executive producer, and David Sloan is senior executive producer. Yes, Like The River's Nile Cappello, The Intellectual Property Corporation's Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman, and Myles Reiff are executive producers.

"ME, HEREAFTER" (Thursday, Feb. 29)

"Me, Hereafter," a genre-bending, four-episode docu-drama, takes viewers inside gripping murder investigations like never before as if the dead have a voice from the beyond. This new series pushes the boundaries of true crime, combining never-before-seen investigative footage, interrogation videos, dramatic sequences, and poignant interviews with the victims' loved ones and key authorities who worked on the cases. In each of the four episodes, voice actors unspool the narrative from the perspective of the deceased victim as they lead the audience through the investigation, where clues, alibis and motives keep viewers guessing.

Cases include the mysterious disappearance of a young pregnant woman mere feet from her family's apartment; the seemingly random and senseless murder of a successful real estate agent and mother of two; the frantic search for a woman feared lost in a blizzard, and her sister's determined quest for the truth; and the beloved funeral director and his intern shot and killed inside their funeral home, and the shocking suspect police say was the killer.

"Me, Hereafter" is produced by ABC News Studios and Committee Films. Andy Awes and Maria Awes are executive producers for Committee Films. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Eamon McNiff is senior producer.

ABC News Studios is led by Mike Kelley. Reena Mehta is the SVP of Streaming and Digital Content.


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ABC News Studios, inspired by ABC News' trusted reporting, is an award-winning, premium news and documentary original production house and commissioning partner of series and specials. ABC News Studios champions untold and authentic stories driving the cultural zeitgeist spanning true-crime, investigations, pop culture and news-adjacent stories. ABC News Studios' original titles include critically acclaimed documentaries "Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields," "Sound of the Police," "The Lady Bird Diaries" and "Aftershock," and popular docu-series and documentaries, including "Killing County," "Wild Crime," "Mormon No More," "The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, and Vanderpump" and "Jelly Roll: Save Me."

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