A statement from AIF CEO John Rostron on the 2024 postponement of 110 Above Festival



“Week by week, day by day, one by one these brilliant, vital independent music festivals are disappearing. With it, we lose the pipeline of talent development for artists and a space for audiences to find new music across the UK. Future headliners were made here.

"The costs of putting on these festivals has risen so much, way beyond the price of the ticket, and so independent festival promoters - already losing money - are having to call time. This is a long tail impact of Covid and of Brexit. If the UK wants to be a world leader in music, then the UK Government needs to do as other countries across the world have done, and support the festival sector for a few years to make its recovery. Lower VAT on tickets to 5% for three years, and we’ll prevent more festivals having to say enough is enough and goodbye.”

Source AIF

February 23, 2024 4:00am ET by Pressparty  

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