AMC Reveals Script Page from "The Walking Dead" Writer Jim Barnes

Along with Episode Titles for the First Eight Episodes of Season 11



Season 11A Episode Titles
1101 - Acheron: Part I
1102 - Acheron: Part II
1103 - Hunted
1104 - Rendition
1105 - Out of the Ashes
1106 - On the Inside
1107 - Promises Broken
1108 - For Blood

Episode 1101: "Acheron: Part I"
Director: Kevin Dowling
Writers: Angela Kang and Jim Barnes
Returning to Alexandria from a critical food mission, the group realizes it isn't enough. Maggie proposes a new plan, potentially a suicide mission. What choice do they have? They must find more food for all their people in order to survive and efficiently rebuild Alexandria. If they don't, Alexandria falls, taking them down with it. Once on the road, a violent storm erupts forcing them underground into a subway tunnel. As nerves fray and suspicions increase, chaos ensues. The terror is relentless as our people get a glimpse of what Maggie and her group endured prior to returning to Alexandria. Meanwhile, those captured by the strange soldiers are relocated to another undisclosed location.

Episode 1102: "Acheron: Part II"
Director: Kevin Dowling
Writers: Angela Kang and Jim Barnes
The group discovers a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car. Surrounded by walkers, going back out into the tunnel to search is a guaranteed death wish. All eyes are on Negan as the rule of survival shifts. It is no longer No Man Left Behind. The motto now is We Keep Going. With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group must ready themselves as the walkers have found a way inside the subway train. Meanwhile, Daryl is in his own intense hellish situation trying to find Dog and finding more than he expected; and Yumiko challenges the process at the Commonwealth outpost, which threatens her future and that of Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess.

Additionally, as part of's "11 Weeks of TWD" each week leading up to the Season 11 premiere on August 22, a custom piece of artwork will be shared that looks back at significant moments from each season of the show's decade-long run. The second piece of custom artwork is by artist Will Sliney (Spider-Man, Star Wars) and colorist Dee Cunniffe (Crossover, Redneck, Runaways) and can be viewed here.

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June 28, 2021 4:00pm ET by AMC  

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