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International rock-trio Dirty Power are back with their sophomore 2020 single and video ‘BACK TO ONE’, a riff-driven, high-impact release, with a straight ahead and raw approach delivering a sound to rival even the most energetic of live arenas.

BACK TO ONE follows on from the band's Spring 2020 release OH GOD as the final piece of the 'Notions' 5-part EP puzzle, described by the band as an absolute favourite set-closer at live shows. Like many throughout the world, Dirty Power were hit with live-cancellations as the music industry came to a stand-still, and while sensitive to the need to isolate and retreat indoors, Dirty Power were one step ahead; taking to the net to release the already filmed and recorded OH GOD [], achieving over 70,000 views across the net worldwide, now to be followed by BACK TO ONE. A success only made possible through the bands DIY, hands on and self-managed approach, a self-reliant ethos that many throughout the industry are looking to revert to.

Influenced by gloriously timeless ‘legacy acts’; Dublin based hard-rock trio Dirty Power are driven by an independent D.I.Y. punk ethic, in everything from the writing, recording and release process, to approaching performing and touring. They stick to doing what they want to do, and do it their own way. Dirty Power is an ever evolving collective of musicians, and 2020 has been a glorious showcasing of what’s to come.

Think Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, all in one giant melting pot of influence yet creative originality. Having taken to the stage internationally, the live scene is where Dirty Power’s music really comes alive, but since the unfortunate spread of the worldwide pandemic, and cancellation of any live engagements they had lined up including a Spring-time London show hosted by the legendary Camden Rocks Festival, Dirty Power have taken to the net to dish out one giant “hand-sanitiser-drenched digital fist bump” in the form of their 2020 releases, and the momentum is showing.

Rest assured, when the live scene is back in action, so will Dirty Power be… Expect ‘Fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pit-rock for the mind, body and soul’ and ‘Heavy rock riffs, big grooves, with tricky solos and sing-along choruses’.

‘BACK TO ONE’ - Available to stream / download at:
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Hi!… we’re Dirty Power… a hard-rock trio, inspired by life (and stuff 👍), formed by Brendan (Guitar & Vocals) in London (UK) sometime around 2013… Now based in Dublin (IRL).

Influenced by gloriously timeless ‘legacy acts’ seen at big festivals across Europe (we do like a good mosh pit), as well as the independent, artistically punk, D.I.Y. approach of many of these bands’ origins, the first step was to bring together some of the best rocking buddies / musicians in the London scene (now coming together from all over Europe). The next step was to make the music that we wanted to hear more of in the world, and to play it “not badly”… That took a while… We’re still working on it… If anyone else likes it, that’s kind of a bonus. Those early days saw immediate responses from audiences, venues and established acts, who all leant a hand in getting Dirty Power on its feet… so… cool! Fanx y’all. x

The band’s more obvious musical influences include alternative, punk, metal and hard rock. Much of the Dirty Power sound is built on Rage Against The Machine foundations, layered with Nirvana arrangements, and topped with progressive instrumental sections… There’s more to it than that… (like the iambic pentameter rhythmic derivatives, the psycho-mythological treble-entendre lyrics and the ritualistic, simple-pleasures, beer-tent foot-stomping colloquial heartbeat, contrasting with the cosmic profundity of the whole affair)… but you get the picture… ‘Fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pit-rock for the mind’, might be one way to describe it… ‘Heavy rock riffs, big grooves, with tricky solos and sing-along choruses’ might be another… In any case, we dig it and hope you do too. The latest releases can always be found at

Dirty Power is driven by an independent D.I.Y. punk ethic, in everything from the writing and recording process, to the approach in performing and touring. That basically means we stick to doing what we really want to do most, doing them our way. Sinatra would be proud. (Click here if you’re confused… Then click here if you’d like to be confused again). Dirty Power is also an evolving collective of musicians, so the lineup of of the band changes from time to time, depending on the way we wanna do things.

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