Q&A with Jessica Hynes who plays Emily in There She Goes

There She Goes begins on Thursday 9 July, 9.30pm on BBC Two

Series one, which debuted on BBC Four in 2018, chronicled the dual timeline of Rosie as a newborn and aged nine

This new series will be set around 18 months on and will focus on Rosie at the ages of three and 11



Jessica, firstly congratulations on winning the Bafta* for best There She Goes - how did it feel?
It was a wonderful night. I laddered my tights right before the ceremony began so I had to go up on stage bare-legged which I felt a bit self-conscious about. A very very kind old friend texted after the show and said her husband had just said "Legs!" in a slightly Sid James way when I went up - I was pathetically grateful and happy when she told me this. I was also extremely grateful to get a Bafta for the show. It is one of the shows I'm most proud of being in.

Can you tell us what’s in store for the family this series?
More fun, frolics and sleepless nights. Ben and Rosie are growing up and Emily and Simon meet those challenges in their own inimitable way: wine, jokes, Game of Thrones, wine more jokes and wine.

Emily had some pretty emotional scenes in the first series, what was it like filming those scenes?
It was challenging in the best possible way - I wanted to do the brilliant script, story and character justice. I tried to do my absolute best work.

How was it being back on set with all the cast again?
Great - I love them. Simon the director was incredible with the children. He has the patience of a saint.

What’s it like working with Miley Locke who plays Rosie?
She's a brilliant actress and a wonderful girl. I am devoted to her.

What reaction did you get to the first series?
Overwhelming - it was extremely moving and humbling to be part of a comedy that reached people that felt they'd never had a voice before. I well up just thinking about it.

Where you surprised at the reaction you got?
I knew Shaun and Sarah Pye had created something special. Simon and the team at Merman put the whole thing together so brilliantly that when I first saw it I did have an inkling that people would take to it and I was so happy that they did.

There She Goes has a perfect balance of making the viewers laugh one minute and crying the next. Do you think it’s important to show the humour as well as the drama?
The truth is never all sad or all funny - it's usually a mix of the two.

What is it about Shaun and Sarah’s writing that makes the show so appealing to you?
The honesty, bravery, intelligence and wit.

What do you hope viewer will take away from the series?
That love is the only reality.

*Jessica won Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme at the 2019 Baftas.

Source BBC TWO

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