Megan will be stationed on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland for Autumnwatch



The island is the second-largest of the inner Hebrides and is home to many of the iconic Scottish wildlife species we know and love. The island is made up of a variety of landscapes varying from moorland and mountains to west coast forest, lochs and a coastline that is almost 300 miles long. Mull is famous for otters and white-tailed eagles so, of course, we’ll be looking at these animals in detail. Megan will be setting camera traps for otters and discovering how a simple reflector device is saving these animals on the roads.

The red deer rut is a highlight of the Scottish autumn calendar, so we’ve got our camera team out to capture Britain’s largest land mammal fighting to breed on Mull. Meanwhile, Megan will be getting up close and personal with hedgehogs – we hope that she will be releasing one currently in rehab on the island – and getting her feet wet as she uncovers the exciting marine world that surrounds this island. We’ve got some amazing footage of glowing ocean animals found around the UK and Megan will attempt a live experiment to explain the science of bioluminescence.

On top of that, we hope to share new research about spur dog sharks found in and around the coast of Mull. Mull is also home to golden eagles, dolphins and whales, seals and a range of birdlife. Our camera team will be out and about to bring viewers footage of divers in the harbour, songbirds in the woodland and birds of prey on the moorland. In addition, we will be attempting to film a wild tawny owl that comes in to take food regularly from someone’s wild back yard.

Source BBC TWO

October 26, 2021 5:41am ET by BBC TWO  


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