Interview with Cheryl Hole from RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Can you tell us about yourself and your act?

I’m Cheryl Hole, I’m 25 years old and I’m from the glamorous land of Essex. I’m a dancing diva, I’m known for my dance moves, death drops and pure entertainment and that’s what you want from a drag queen, isn’t it?

Can you tell us a bit more about your drag style?

My style of drag is that Essex glamour with a touch of showgirl. Everything’s got a bling, a touch of vajazzle, but a real girl at heart. I like to play up the Essex stereotype and really incorporate that into my drag.

How do you think viewers will describe you on the show?

People watching at home will probably think: 'Cheryl is that lovely girl everyone wants to be around who’s doing okay.' But you still love her anyway.

How did you get your drag name?

My drag name comes from the icon and Geordie princess, Cheryl Cole. Cheryl has inspired so much of my life. I’m also in a Girls Aloud drag tribute group called Gals Aloud and I play Cheryl, for obvious reasons. 

Are you a competitive person?

Everyone knows Drag Race is one of the most competitive competitions out there, and you wouldn’t enter something you didn’t think you were gonna win, so I’m gonna put up a fight, and these girls best be ready to throw a punch.

What are your greatest strengths?

My strengths come with my personality, my charisma, my likeability, and my performance skills. It’s something that everyone knows me for - I can hold a room, entertain the crowds, and I can make people’s jaws drop with my dance performances. 

I think my degree in dance will give me an edge because there are several challenges that are thrown at you where you have to use your body. It’s not necessarily a dance challenge, but you need to know how to carry yourself and know your body. Even walking the runway, you need to know your body and how to carry yourself.

Also, I am a lip sync assassin and I’d like to see any of these girls try and out lip sync me as this is what I do. 

I’m quite well known for my death drop and dancing skills, so girl you better watch out as I’m gonna bring the exclamation mark of the dance moves to the dance floor!

What do you think will be your greatest challenge on the show?

Now, I am not known as a seamstress. I will put my best hand through that sewing machine but don’t be expecting couture gowns from me, darling.

What does drag mean to you?

Well, drag means the absolute world to me. Drag is the expression and freedom through an art form from all the thoughts I had suppressed as a child.  

I always wanted to be on a world stage, being a superstar dancing to pop music. I never thought I could because I’m not the best singer, but through drag I can own the stage and be the superstar I’ve always wanted to be.

With drag, you don’t have to fit any type of box, mould or stereotype. I’m ready to show the world why I do drag, and why I deserve to be the UK’s first Drag Race superstar. 

What does it mean being in the first RuPaul’s Drag Race UK?

For me to make it on the first season means the absolute world to me. I feel like I’ve put my stamp on the UK scene and I’m ready to show the word what I do in the UK. For the world to see the calibration of our queens is fantastic. The world is going to be surprised! 

August 21, 2019 7:32am ET by BBC Three  

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