Interview with Mark Lewis Jones on playing Steve Baldini in final and third series of Keeping Faith

SERIES 3 KEEPING FAITH 27th March 9pm, BBC One​


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Where did we leave Steve at the end of series two?

We join a Steve who is separated from Faith. They have has to make a conscious effort to keep their distance from each other.

What can you tell us about Steve in this third and final series?

Eighteen months later Steve has gone into his man-cave, almost literally. He’s had to hunker down, trying to find a little bit of safety in a place of solitude. He’s removed himself, separated himself through a need to take care of himself.

And as things develop in this series, the magnetic pulse between him and Faith can’t be broken. They are drawn to each other’s orbits. And as the past comes up between them, it starts to play a part in Steve’s future.

From the very first moment - when Faith represented Steve in court for the first time in the first series - Steve falls in love with her. And their journey has been a wonderful one. And a painful one.

Looking back over all three series, what has been your lasting memory?

My lasting memory will be building that relationship between Steve and Faith - and pushing it to its very limits.

What’s has been your favourite thing about playing Steve?

Steve has so many layers, but essentially he’s a good man caught in a bad world. Faith can trust him - he’s one of the few she does trust. It’s a wonderful part to play, with so many facets. Right at the heart has been his relationship with Faith, and his relationship with his daughter Angie.

Source BBC Three

March 4, 2021 5:41am ET by BBC Three  


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