Three new real-life commissions for BBC Three and BBC England emerge from West Midlands partnership

BBC Three has announced three new commissions from West Midlands Indies as a result of the creative partnership with BBC England and Create Central


BBC Three

BBC Three has announced three new commissions from West Midlands Indies as a result of the creative partnership with BBC England and Create Central.

The partnership invited independent production companies based in the West Midlands to submit documentary ideas that reflect the life experiences of 13-24 year olds.

The commissions include an access series from Birmingham-based Full Fat TV that goes on shift with the youngest recruits to the Leicestershire Police, an obs-doc form Warwick-based Common Story that follows two friends from Bromsgrove who’ve turned cleaning up other people’s waste into a successful business after they were furloughed from their desk jobs and a single film from Birmingham-based Acclaimed Content that focuses on 26 year old Shannan’s school for budding HGV drivers.

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three, says: “Regional representation that reflects the reality of young lives across the UK is a key priority for BBC Three and these titles fully deliver on that. This scheme was initially for two single documentaries but the quality of ideas was so high we decided to commission three titles and made one a series.”

Aisling O’Connor, Head of Commissioning for BBC England, says: “BBC England TV Commissioning is committed to working closely with BBC Three to represent the lives of young people in England. We are also keen to support the indie sector in the West Midlands as part of the BBC’s plans for the region. We were so impressed with the ideas and proposals that came through as a result of this scheme and we look forward to bringing these great stories to the audience.’

Ed Shedd, Chair of Create Central, says: “Create Central has been delighted to work with BBC Three and BBC England on this development initiative. It really shows that close collaboration between local agencies and the BBC can support the emergence and development of local talent and companies. The fact that we have exceeded our original aim of two programme commissions, and also secured a four-part series as part of the process, is testament to the depth of talent in the region and the seriousness of the BBC’s commitment to working in the West Midlands. Congratulations to Full Fat, Acclaimed Content and Common Story, three great independent companies that have come along with fresh and original programme ideas, which we very much believe have the potential to be returnable series for the BBC. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Fresh Cops

Nearly 10,000 new recruits joined the police in the last year - now this 4 x 30’ documentary series from Full Fat TV follows some of the youngest as they begin their cop careers.

With police recruitment actively targeting people under 25, this series unpacks the challenges young officers face and sheds a light on what it takes to be a success in the police force.

With exclusive access to Leicestershire police, the series will ride shotgun with some of the force’s youngest officers as they learn the ropes on the frontline of crime. The series is filmed from their perspective, takes viewers into the heart of the action and will reveal the young people behind the uniforms.

Mother Trucker (w/t)

With firms up and down the country offering big salaries and incentives, trucking can be a lucrative career and 26 year -old Shannan is on a mission to get them on the road and help ease the driver shortage with her HGV training centre in Willenhall.

Mother Trucker from Acclaimed Content gets a front seat view of her driving school as the film follows the young learners trying to get their HGV licence.

Shannan is the daughter of a truck driver, savvy and shrewd and trucking runs in her blood. Juggling the business with helping to raise her younger sister, she is also trying to get a HGV licence herself with help from veteran instructor and Dad, Trevor.

Trucking is a very skilled job, not easy work and the training is intense. With in-cab cameras fixed and access behind the scenes at the training centre, the film will explore how and why people are drawn to the industry and follow the family and friends behind this one particular school.

Filthy Business

Filthy Business from Common Story follows friends Cam and Oli as they try to grow their new waste management business.

The partners in grime started up when they were furloughed, never expecting the work would take off as it has. They soon realised that if they graft hard, there is money to be made from hopping into hoarder’s houses or cleaning out grubby garages. But now they are facing year two and working out how to grow the company, keep their friendship on track, whilst still finding time for love and life.

Every job is a journey of discovery and with big characters like Cam and Oli, this entertaining film provides a fresh take on being your own boss.

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March 8, 2022 5:00am ET by BBC Three  


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