Meet Sophie and Megan aka Blonde Bandits from The Fast and the Farmer-ish


BBC Three

Sophie (28), Megan Ellett (22) and Sarah ‘Baz’ Riley (21) from England

Taking no prisoners and being no wallflowers - these women have heard it all before when it comes to ‘women drivers’ - and have a thousand cheeky comebacks ready and waiting for any loudmouth lads!

Sophie admits to being totally obsessed with tractors. Despite driving tractors for fun, it was only last year that Sophie started working as an agricultural contractor and regrets not becoming a professional tractor driver sooner in life.

Best friend Megan is from pure farming stock and was out in the fields with her father and Grandfather from the moment she could touch the pedals. Now working as an agricultural contractor on local farms in the area, Megan still gets the call from her Dad to come and help out on the cheap.

When the sun shines there is hay to be made and work commitments force Megan to leave the competition, she is replaced by Sarah who describes herself as noisy and fun. Sarah started farming aged 15 when she got a job rearing calves and this animal loving lady says her biggest strengths are reversing into sheds and putting the foot flat to the mat to reach that finish line!


The Fast and the Farmer-ish is an Alleycats production for BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Three made with funding from Northern Ireland Screen. It will air on BBC Three at 9pm on Sunday 1 October and BBC One Northern Ireland at 7.30pm on Friday 6 October. The full series will be available on BBC iPlayer from Sunday 1 October.

The Fast And The Farmer-ish is part of the BBC’s Across the UK plan, moving content away from London to allow the BBC to better reflect, represent and serve all audiences.

Source BBC Three

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