Grime Kids - Meet Tienne Simon (Bishop)

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Grime Kids - Meet Tienne Simon (Bishop)

What can viewers expect to see from Grime Kids?

I expect it to be a show that captures some of the untold truths about living as a young person in London. It’s a story of four that become five and it follows the journey of friendship between all of us. I think it’ll be important both for people of my generation but also for people who lived that time and are from that area as it meant so much to that community. The people we’ve met on this journey and the research we did – I hope that energy has been recreated in the series and we pay homage to what came before.

What can you tell us about your character, Bishop?

He’s loyal, capable and loving. I think there’s something remarkable about him in that all the boys are very young and Bishop specifically is a bit of a high achiever - he does well in school, he’s good at sports as well but I think his talent and capability with music is something that can bring him together with people. I think the main thing is that he didn’t know where to align his energy. At home, he is the eldest son of two boys. He’s come from a good home with a mum and dad – his mum works hard to provide for Bishop and his younger brother, often working more than one job at a time to make their life easier than what she had. I think that plays a big role in Bishop’s life. His dad is very proud of him too so I think Bishop comes from a really good home. He has a lot of emotional maturity for his years so I think that makes him feel like an older brother to certain people in the group. Bishop’s main intention is just to be part of the group and belong, but I don’t know if he knows how to articulate that himself at 16 years old. He definitely cares what people think about him but I think that’s a sign of his age and he likes the idea of being cool but I don’t think he’s wanting to be in the spotlight for the audience, but for himself. If Bishop can prove himself to himself, that’s the most important thing.

Which character has the best wardrobe?

I’d say Dane, he has the best wardrobe on set. His caps are nice, he’s got a nice globe for DJ’ing. I would probably wear Dane’s clothes out of any of the boys. I don’t think Bishop isn’t the best dressed of the group but he’s definitely not the worst!

Which location was your favourite while filming?

My favourite location, probably just because of what we did was Tanika’s house. That was probably the most fun I’ve had on a specific location. Or maybe somewhere where the basketball hoops were because I like basketball.


Grime Kids is a coming of age drama, set in 2001 in Bow, East London The show follows a fictional group of school leavers across what they believe to be, their “last summer as kids”. We follow Dane, Junior, Kai, Bishop and Bayo, as they navigate first loves, fracturing home lives, financial pressures, brushes with danger, and the ever present question: what kind of man do you want to be? All the while pursuing (with various levels of enthusiasm) a very new, and maybe not so justified dream to make it big in the garage music scene.

Grime Kids will air on BBC Three on Monday 13 November at 10pm with all episodes available as a five-part box set on BBC iPlayer.

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