Things You Should Have Done - meet the cast of the hilarious, offbeat, dysfunctional family-sitcom

From the unique comedy mind of Lucia Keskin, discover the new sitcom coming to BBC Three and iPlayer


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Tell us about your new series and what audiences can expect from the show?

It’s a mental show about a girl who has to try and cope with life now her parents are dead and can’t do everything for her, she desperately leans on the family she has left and sort of forces her way into people’s lives.

How would you best describe your character Chi?

She definitely see’s the best in everyone, no one can ever really offend or annoy her. Mainly because she’s unintentionally annoying others.

How much of the series is based on your real life experiences?

I’d like to say it’s nothing like my real life, but of course there are some elements that are similar, for example I also have zero GCSE’s like Chi in the show! But it’s 98% fictional.

What inspired you to write the show?

Two years ago I lost my Grandad who was my best friend and like a father to me. He got me into my love of comedy in the first place. It was the first time I’d ever properly experienced grieving and how awful it really is. Humour was sort of the only thing that helped me through it, so when I met with Steve Monger (Exec Producer) I said that I wanted to write something that touched on grief and the surreal side of it.

Tell us about the writing process?

It was hard! Steve basically taught me everything in terms of the process and breaking everything down. I thought you just picked up a pen and wrote a whole show but turns out it’s a lot better when you plan it first! Thank God for Steve.

Tell us why you chose to base the show in Ramsgate? Why was that important to you?

I grew up in Thanet so it just seemed right to do it there.

What’s been your favourite part of the process?

Honestly just learning so much at every stage. I think getting to work with such a great team has been the best. Roughcut have done so much for me and I’m very grateful for the support they give.

Do you have any favourite memories from filming?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite but I think a definite favourite was when me and Jamie Bisping (Lucas) were filming a scene for episode 4 where we were watching the bananas and waiting for them to go ripe; we started improvising and could not get through it without making each other laugh.

You have some great talent involved, when you wrote it did you have the casting in mind?

It’s so weird I did have cast in mind that I was so sure on and then things change, you see other people for roles and it ended up completely different to how I had imagined it in my head but in the best way, they are all really great.

How was filming with your fellow cast mates? Have you worked with any of them before?

I’d not worked with any of them before but it was a dream working with such talented and funny people. I think I’ve definitely made friends for life (they better have said the same!)


Things You Should Have Done is a hilarious, offbeat, dysfunctional family-sitcom from the unique comedy mind of Lucia Keskin. Self-confessed stay-at-home-daughter, Chi (Lucia), is suddenly forced to fend for herself when her parents die. Chi will inherit the house on condition she completes a list of 'Things You Should Have Done’ left by her parents (everything from ‘Pet a dog’ to ‘Get a job’). Meanwhile Chi’s highly strung Auntie Karen (Selin Hizli) wants nothing to do with her dependent pest of a niece, but very much wants the house she feels is rightfully hers! In each episode, Chi tackles something from the list and is unleashed on the locals of Ramsgate, who bring something new to Chi’s understanding of life but leave wishing they’d never met her.

Things You Should Have Done airs on Thursday 29 February on BBC Three and all episodes will be available on iPlayer.

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