Meet Thea And Hannah: The final girls to enter I Kissed A Girl’s Masseria

As the icons party gets underway, Dannii Minogue introduces Thea and Hannah, the final additions to this year’s Masseria


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May 17, 2024 – Episode five of I Kissed a Girl is about to drop, and this weekend it’s time to play dress up as Dannii Minogue throws the girls a VIP party. From Jennifer Coolidge to Jill Scott, the cast dance the night away dressed as their favourite icons. But no party would be complete without a few late arrivals…

As the icons party gets underway, Dannii Minogue introduces Thea and Hannah, the final additions to this year’s Masseria.

But it seems Thea might know one of the girls already? Will an old flame ruffle new feathers…

Thea (She/Her/They/Them)

Age: 23

From: London

Occupation: Singer

“I’m super proud! This show was important to me to highlight beautiful things like love & friendship so I’m glad this show does that and I was able to be part of it.”

Thea lives in London with her mum and twin sister, who also identifies as queer. Thea’s family are of West African and Lebanese heritage.

Thea is a singer and musician and is known for her mix of R&B and neo-soul vibes. She is passionate about better representation for women-of-colour in the music scene, especially for darker skin toned girls like herself.

Thea loves to connect with people through her music. “Finding love for ourselves and others in our generation regardless of gender identity can be so difficult and I love that I express that in my music. Also being able to write from a perspective where I can speak about my partners and paint quite a beautiful picture with my words.”

Thea has an open heart and loves to love. She says she wouldn’t have it any other way but does recognise that her open heart can expose her to heartbreak, especially on the queer dating scene which can be ‘brutal’.

Thea loves to express her personality and stand out from the crowd, and she’s known for her love of the colour pink. She is very confident in her own skin and her queerness, and she’s entering the Masseria to look for that special connection to share her life with.

Hannah (She/Her)

Age: 23

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation: Student

“You can expect, love, tears and mystery… happy tears, sad tears and a whole lot of love to give - I guess you’ll have to watch to find out”

Originally from Glasgow, Hannah is at university in London studying Prosthetics for Film and TV. London life is busy for Hannah with her studies, working part-time in a tanning shop, posting on Tik Tok and enjoying the dating scene.

Hannah is close to her family. When Hannah was 12, her brother Adam sadly passed away. He was born with Edwards Syndrome, a rare and serious condition which many babies do not survive from their first year. At the time of his death Adam was the longest living person with the condition in Scotland. He was expected to live for two weeks, but passed just shy of his 16th birthday. Adam was a huge part of Hannah’s life and the whole family cherish the years they have had with him in their lives.

At 16 Hannah started to post on social media. It was around the same time Hannah was coming out and it helped her to express herself. Hannah has now built up a following just short of 600K and her content ranges from make-up tutorials to lifestyle videos.

Hannah describes herself as a dominant femme. She backs herself with bags of confidence and jokes that when it comes to girls, she always gets what she wants. Hannah won’t be played around - if she sees one red flag in the Masseria she’ll be quick to end things.

Source BBC Three

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