"The Impact New York" coming to VH1 Spinoff to "The Impact" - cast announced

VH1 Greenlights New Spinoff to Popular Unscripted "The Impact" Franchise with "The Impact New York" and Reveals Cast



VH1 greenlights "The Impact New York," the next series of the popular franchise "The Impact" from Executive producers Entertainment One (eOne) and Quality Films, the film and television arm of powerhouse record label Quality Control Music, the auspices for smash hit BET+ Original series "The Impact Atlanta". The new series premieres Monday, January 22, 2024, at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1. When it comes to culture, fashion, music, and finance, no other city compares to New York. This one-hour unscripted series will give audiences an inside look into the dynamic lives of New York's top influencers in business, music, beauty, and fashion. In addition to witnessing their creative processes, preparations, and high-stakes deal-making, viewers will get to go beyond the perfectly curated social media personas within the cast. "The Impact New York" explores their real-life private and professional struggles as they balance relationships, parenting, and interpersonal drama. For these influencers, everything on the line to stay on top in this competitive world of media impressions, partnerships, and brand perception.

Watch as these tastemakers impact the culture and take the city that never sleeps into overdrive! With millions of followers (and counting), the "The Impact New York" cast includes:

Ashley Marie Burgos | @realashleyburgos

Ashley Marie Burgos, a multi-talented 26-year-old model, is making waves in the music industry, following the footsteps of her influential mother, the original mega influencer, Bernice Burgos. Collaborating on Bold and Beautiful and Miracles Fitness, two thriving sleepwear and fitness brands, Ashley boasts a dedicated fanbase nearly one million strong. Fueled by the success of her hit single "Knock Knock," Ashley is positioning herself as a dynamic force in the industry, carving her distinctive path beyond her mother's legacy.

Bernice Burgos | @realberniceburgos

All Hail The Queen: Bernice Burgos, a native New Yorker from Manhattan, embarked on her modeling journey while working as a bartender in her mid-20s. Her breakthrough came when she starred in Rick Ross' music video for "Diced Pineapples" in 2012, catapulting her into a significant modeling career and cementing her status as one of the original influencers, empowering women worldwide. With a fierce legacy and an indomitable pioneering spirit, Bernice Burgos stands as a true legend. Beyond her successful modeling career, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Bold & Beautiful, a sleepwear line designed to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Her brand champions confidence and inclusivity.

Chinese Kitty | @chinesekitty

Chinese Kitty, an influential figure in both music and social media, reaches millions worldwide with her music. Having graced some of the world's most illustrious stages, including the Rolling Loud festival, she commands attention with her name alone. With an impressive following of nearly 4 million devoted fans, her every move is anticipated by a captivated audience. Renowned for her striking beauty, Chinese Kitty has become a #bodygoals icon. Her unapologetic East Coast intensity infuses every lyric, delivering seductive bars and knockout hooks that amass millions of streams and views. As a rapper, entrepreneur, and Love & Hip Hop Miami star, her debut album SMD epitomizes her uncompromising style, offering a powerful collection of unfiltered hits.

Cleotrapa | @iamcleotrapa

Cleotrapa, an undeniable influencer and captivating recording artist from Staten Island, New York, embodies unapologetic charisma and relatability. At 25, she's evolved into a magnetic online personality, blending inspirational messaging and satirical commentary on everyday life, drawing in her following of well over a million across various platforms. Cleotrapa's top-tier humor paired with her signature New York swag has catapulted her to becoming one of social media's most beloved personalities among fans and brand partners alike.

DreamDoll | @dreamdoll

DreamDoll, a Bronx native, has unequivocally carved her own path over the past few years. She organically built her music following on Instagram, a platform that catapulted her onto prominent TV shows and into partnerships with major brands. Her larger-than-life personality and doll-like appearance harmonize effortlessly with her slick cadence and rhymes, establishing her as a standout among the rising stars in the rap genre. With over 5 million followers, DreamDoll stands tall as one of New York's finest, effortlessly delivering fiery verses. Notably, her collaborations with industry giants like Lil Kim and French Montana showcase her versatility and acclaim. Her top-tier fashion sense commands attention, making anything associated with DreamDoll an instant hit.

Ella Rodriguez | @slaybyella

Known in her hometown of Bronx, NY, as Ella Bands, the soft-spoken powerhouse ascended to become one of New York City's most prominent social media influencers in 2015. Ella, alongside her longtime partner Artist, better known as rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, embraces the joys of parenthood, raising two beautiful children together. Elevating her social media prominence into a thriving million-dollar empire, she stands as an accomplished entrepreneur, vocalist, and dedicated mother. With an impressive Instagram following of nearly 2.3 million and nearly 10 million overall engagements on TikTok, Ella's ever-expanding influence is a force to be reckoned with in business and on social media.

Maleni Cruz | @malenicruz

Maleni, a viral sensation hailing from Brooklyn, has garnered widespread acclaim with her carefree demeanor and exceptional humor, amassing millions of views, likes, and shares across her viral videos. Alongside her partner Chicklet, she's gained recognition for being outspoken and assertive, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with, unafraid to express her opinions and stand her ground. Her Dominican roots and New York upbringing her relatable, endearing to 3 million followers who adore her comedic style.

Scot Louie | @scotlouie

Scot Louie, an acclaimed celebrity fashion stylist known for his work with stars like Ryan Destiny, Normani, Victoria Monét, Lil' Kim, and Keke Palmer, has been a trendsetter influencing millions in the fashion world with his signature hashtag #fashionNEEDSme. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Scot began styling celebrities at the age of 15. While continuing his work in fashion, Scot has also ventured into the culinary space with DinnerPlus, his innovative 'Food Board' which features a variety of curated dishes on Instagram, showcasing his artisanal spice blends with carefully curated recipes, Scot's passion for food has blossomed. Anticipating the release of his upcoming cookbook in Fall 2024, Scot is set to make a flavorful mark beyond the fashion industry.

"The Impact New York" is produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Quality Control. The series is executive produced by Tara Long, Gennifer Gardiner, and Tom Danon serve for Entertainment One (eOne); 'P' Thomas, Kevin 'Coach K' Lee and Brian Sher, for Quality Films; and Karam Gill. For VH1, Tiffany Lea Williams, Angela Aguilera, James Knox and Ia Robinson serve as executive producers. Anthony Sylvester serves as Showrunner/EP. The series is also executive produced by Kim Osorio and Cecily Deutsch.

Join the conversation using #TheImpactNY and follow the official "The Impact New York" accounts on Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Catch up on demand with VH1's "The Impact New York" on Paramount+, Pluto TV, the official series page, and the VH1 App.

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