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BMG songwriter Simon Plummer is making huge waves in contemporary music having written songs for some of the industry’s leading names, but his own name may be one you aren’t too familiar with yet.

Aged 24, Plummer describes himself as a “passionate creative from Broward County, FL”. He has been passionate about words and writing as well as music since childhood – things he attributes to his grandmother Sonia Pottinger who was the first woman producer/label owner in Jamaica. Combining his passions, Plummer decided to express himself through song writing which he says allows him to create something special daily.

BMG recently linked up with Plummer to discover more about his rapid success and the stories behind some of his early hits, including his Grammy-nominated work on Kanye West’s DONDA.

How did you become a songwriter?

I started off as a photographer/videographer for my cousin, Aleicia Gibson, who had been working on music as an artist since high school. After we linked with BEAM, an artist/producer/songwriter from Broward as well, we worked on songs daily just off pure passion and love for the music. We ended up creating a very special song for one of the world’s biggest artists, but the song still hasn’t been released four years later. However, it opened doors for all of us to get exposure, management, and eventually publishing deals.

You've worked on many great tracks with some of the biggest artists in the industry - have there been any standout moments for you personally?

A huge moment for me was working with Timbaland in the studio when we created ‘Back To The Streets’ for Saweetie. I’ve looked up to Timbaland since I was a child and have been studying his sound for years. Being able to have real conversation with a living legend who is also enjoying your song writing was definitely one of the highlights of my music journey so far. The song didn’t release till two years later, but it was one of the first big songs I was a part of and my first Number One.

You were nominated for a Grammy for your work with Kanye West on DONDA. How did this collaboration happen?

I booked a week trip to Los Angeles, CA with a few of my friends and during that trip, my manager, Donny “Dizzy” Flores, called me and told me that him and Shenseea were with Kanye West working on DONDA. I got a random address and was told to wear all black. We ended up getting a few tracks done over the next couple days, but the two we did the first day ended up making the album. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work with an artist like Ye and blessed to be recognized for my first Grammy nomination as well.

You recently worked with Justin Bieber and Don Toliver on the hit single ‘Honest’ and said this collaboration has been a year in the making. How did this project come together?

‘Honest’ is a very special record to me because we created it out of genuine energy. BEAM, Aleicia, and I were listening to the production from Azul Wynter and BEAM in the studio and we knew that this was a special one if we found the right topic and top line. Once we finished it, we knew we had gold in our hands.

BEAM sent the song directly to Justin Bieber’s phone and he fell in love with it. Almost a year later to the date, ‘Honest’ is out now and it’s been amazing to see people receive the song so well.

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