BPI hosts AI panel at London Tech Week “Ready or Not: Opportunities & Challenges for AI and Music”



The BPI – the representative voice for the UK’s world leading record labels and music companies – announces its participation in London Tech Week, currently taking place at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

The BPI will host a panel discussion which will look at the opportunities and challenges for music that are presented AI – Ready or Not: Opportunities and Challenges for AI and Music.

The panel will be moderated by Sophie Jones, the BPI’s Central Strategy Officer and Interim Chief Executive, and will also comprise Sophie Goossens (Partner, Reed Smith) and Damon Minchella (musician/producer).

Music, especially recorded music, is often the first form of media to evolve with the advent new disruptive technology. Whether digitization, high-definition audio or seamless on-demand access, the industry has been consistently adept at embracing every new opportunity. Generative AI has the ability to fundamentally change many aspects of the creative industries for good, but also for ill, if human artists don’t remain at the heart of the creative process and if rules around permission and compensation are not followed.

Join Sophie Jones, interim CEO (BPI), Sophie Goossens (Partner, Reed Smith) and Damon Minchella (musician/producer) for a discussion about the key issues and opportunities for the music industry in the era of AI. How will the industry adapt? What impact might AI have on business models? And what creative ways are artists and musicians embracing AI technology? Join the BPI at London Tech Week to find out.

Event Information

Title: Ready or Not: Opportunities and Challenges for AI and Music

Date: Wednesday 14th June, 2023

Session Time: 12.35pm – 1.00pm

Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Room Location: Fourth Floor, NextTech Stage

Panellists: Sophie Jones, BPI Interim CEO (and moderator); Sophie Goossens, Partner (Reed Smith); and Damon Minchella (Musician/Producer

Source BPI

June 13, 2023 10:00am ET by Pressparty  

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