R&B trailblazer Zaryah breaks down gender stereotypes with female-empowerment anthem ‘Invite’



Following a successful year of consistently releasing music, R&B trailblazer Zaryah is carving out her place in the industry with ‘Invite’. Returning with another exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines her empowered attitude, sensual lyricism, and stunning vocals– R&B/Pop sensation Zaryah is set to take over with ‘Invite’ August 28th.

The Luxembourg born singer kickstarted her career in early 2019, moving to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Since bursting onto the scene last year with her debut ‘Youdofuckingyou’, Zaryah has been making big waves. With over 4 million streams on all platforms combined, Zaryah has built a loyal online following who support her every release.

The sensual singer focuses on telling her story heart to mouth, turning her inner, unfiltered thoughts and daydreams into lyrics. From the day she could write, she was scribbling notebooks full of feelings and fantasies that later on turned into songs that she describes as ‘confessions to the ones she loves(/ed)’. As well as being a talented lyricist, Zaryah also has an undeniable captivating stage presence. With a romantic & modern take on burlesque, Zaryah captivates her audience with mesmerizing, ethereal visuals, heartfelt songwriting and intimate crowd interactions.

Zaryah makes music that allows the audience to completely escape reality and enter into an exhilarating daydream. Speaking more on ‘Invite’, she explained: "I wrote Invite in June 2019 and wanted to create the best representation of tension between 2 friends that haven't spoken in a long time and see each other in a different/sexual way when they meet again. The protagonist is patiently waiting for the other person to overstep the friendship boundaries and daydreams about what happens if the person would invite her to spend the night."

As well as ‘Invite’ dropping on August 28th, Zaryah is also set to release her debut concept-album ‘FALLEN ANGEL’ by the end of 2020, Illustrating the internal struggle between good & bad and the loss of innocence judged by a modern-day society. With all of this yet to come, expect to see a lot more of Zaryah in 2020.

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August 20, 2020 6:18am ET by Burstimo  

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