Alabama Nick Premiere "Do It Then" Official Music Video August 06th at 6PM EST on YouTube


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Alabama Nick will premiere a new dance music video on YouTube on August 06th, 2021 at 6PM EST for his latest single "Do It Then".

“Do It Then” is an upbeat feel-good track that is fun and catchy. As soon as the beat drops, it makes you want to dance and makes the ladies want to get sexy. Great song for TikTok creators.


Alabama Nick is an Armed Forces Veteran and Southern “Trap” artist. He says he’s been rapping all of his life, but launched his rap career in 2019. Managed by Miramar Talent Agency, he transitioned from an acting career in Los Angeles, back to his roots in Alabama to pursue music full time in early 2020. While there, he teamed up with Casanova Records which has distribution and publishing through The Orchard Music.

He is making noise down south and drops new music on a consistent basis. This Country Boy with an attitude wants Alabama to be respected as a powerhouse in the rap game. He’s dropping his sophomore studio album “Red Mud Baby” on September 28th 2021 with hopes of an instant classic. Stay tuned!

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August 4, 2021 1:00pm ET by Casanova Records  

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