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Kian (19), from London is the youngest person taking part in this series. A War Studies student and self-confessed survival nerd, Kian has a huge passion for the wilderness, constantly reading and researching the subject, in order to become an expert in the future.


On Sundays at 9pm from 6 August on Channel 4, eleven ordinary people face the ultimate test of survival. Dropped, completely ALONE, in the remote wilderness of north-west Canada, each of them have challenged themselves to take part in the most pure and extreme competition on TV - Alone. Each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools, whilst filming their own adventure. The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins £100,000.

Alone is now in its tenth series on the History Channel in the USA, and is a hit in Denmark, Norway Sweden, globally on Netflix and other territories to be announced soon. This is the first time the format has come to the UK.

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August 4, 2023 4:00am ET by Pressparty  


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