Channel 4 explores underground crime in brand-new digital factual strand, “In Too Deep”


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Channel 4 has assembled a team of gutsy and tenacious young journalists for its brand-new digital strand ‘In Too Deep’ which, in a series of single films, will unravel worlds like hidden crime, underground villains and exploitation, captured using a mixture of footage and hidden camera filming.

In Too Deep will engage in topical and uncanny conversations through the vessel of young and passionate journalists as they immerse themselves deeper than ever before into murky and often potentially dangerous worlds.

The first film in the new strand is Selling My Virginity, produced by Dare Pictures in which Radio Host and Presenter Daisy Maskell dissects the dark and twisted world of online auctioning, where men can bid hundreds of thousands of pounds for a young woman’s virginity.

Thomas Pullen, Digital Commissioning Executive said: “In Too Deep is can’t look away journalism that lifts the lid on stories that are uncomfortable, unflinching and hugely immersive for our audience. This strand is an exciting pillar in our digital commissioning strategy this year and next, and we look forward to everyone delving in as we expose more murky worlds that are hidden in plain sight.”

Laura Marks, Digital Commissioning Editor and Senior Operations Lead, added: “One of our big aims with the strand is to uncover that amazing journalistic talent that we just know is out there. This strand is giving us the opportunity to do that.”

Daisy Maskell said: “I’m so excited for this film and for the In Too Deep strand. With the incredible support and backing of Channel 4, I was able to make a provocative film that I hope will be a revealing and immersive watch for viewers. I came across virginity auctions at the start of the year and was shocked to discover how many young women in the UK were operating in this trade and just how much money was up for grabs! It’s an entire industry and at its core are some really dangerous people and ideologies. I found this subject to be glamourised on social media, it was positioned as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme that I feared many young people in particular could enter into without knowing the consequences. This film is not about shaming those that feel empowered to sell their virginity but to show the dangers and considerations that people should be aware of before listing themselves online.”

Selling My Virginity was Produced by Dare Pictures and Executive Produced by Ravinder Chahal. It was commissioned by Channel 4 Digital Commissioning Executive Thomas Pullen. Other films in the strand will also be commissioned by Catriona White, with the strategy led by Laura Marks.

If you have a potential idea for the In Too Deep strand contact Thomas Pullen, or Catriona White in the first instance.

Selling My Virginity airs on Monday 9th October at 5pm on the Channel 4 Documentaries YouTube page.

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October 9, 2023 4:00am ET by Channel 4  


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