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In Tuesday’s night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4, Dan was named Star Baker and Saku was the seventh baker to leave the tent.

It was week 7 in the tent and the Bakers come head-to-head with desserts. They kicked off with a retro Crème Caramel signature and tackled a classic Treacle Sponge in the technical. Finally, for the showstopper they were tasked with creating a meringue bomb which revealed a highly decorative dessert.

At the end of the seventh episode Alison announced that Dan was the Star Baker and Noel had the difficult job of telling Saku that she would be the seventh Baker to leave the series.

On the show Saku said: ‘I am so proud of myself. It is a privilege to be part of this lovely family

‘My heart was broken when it was announced I was leaving, and I was so disappointed in myself. The warm hugs and lovely words from fellow bakers, presenters and the crew were very comforting. I also learned it is never too late to learn and enjoy a new hobby and be able to be very good at it!

Here Saku talks about her experience on the show.

‘I think I am the first Baker to get a Hollywood Hug, it was such a surprise to get that from Paul, it was a very out of this world moment for me. The first week I was really nervous but I gradually got used to it as the weeks went through.

‘The judges liked my flavours from Sri Lanka, Prue always gave me wonderful compliments and both judges said my flavours were spot on. The technical was my worst ever and I cracked the bottom part of the meringue bomb, but all the Bakers were struggling so I still thought I had a chance.

‘The best moment for me would be meeting all the amazing bakers, the very special interpreter, and the most supportive crew. The worst moment was leaving these people behind in the tent. My favourite challenge was Botanical week’s showstopper and I learnt a new technique (Jelly art) which took my bake to another level. I will be using this regularly because I enjoy making desserts with jelly art. And without a doubt the worst challenge for me was the technical challenge in week 7, the steamed ginger and orange sponge. Most of us didn’t get it right at all. It was a disaster.

‘There were a few funny moments but the funniest was when I had the chance to play cricket with Alison and I hit her leg with an orange (cricket ball). And of course people picked up on the raspberry eating…… I have been amazed and surprised at the response to me on social media. Some have called me a national treasure – and the other one was that I was the human version of joy and sunshine which I found so lovely. It’s been incredible reading them all, it makes me laugh out loud.

‘Alison and Noel are so funny but they are also so caring, Alison brings so much joy to the tent, and she even helped clear up my work bench one time. Lots of Alison hugs I will always remember and she is such a lovely person, as is Noel!

‘I do get asked for Selfies in the supermarket which is lovely, but I am sure that won’t last forever so I am enjoying it for the moment!

‘My fellow bakers are not only the most amazing bakers, but they are lovely humans with big hearts! I have thousands of lovely memories made with the most talented bakers, the clever interpreter, the supportive crew and the production team. The best ever experience in my life!

I learnt new skills, techniques and gathered lots of baking knowledge which I will use to create delicious bakes for everyone to enjoy!

‘I will keep on baking and developing new recipes and I would like to carry on introducing Sri Lankan and exotic flavours into my bakes.

‘I would encourage bakers to apply for the next series 100%! Although it will be a stressful experience, I guarantee you that this will be the best experience you will ever get, and you will meet amazing people and create life-long friendships. If you truly love and have a passion for baking, you should not ignore this opportunity.

‘One thing I can guarantee you will be given an endless supply of love and help from all the teams. The behind the scenes production team are incredible and so supportive in every way!’

Saku will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on AN EXTRA SLICE on Thursday 9 November on Channel 4 at 8pm with celebrity guests Prue Leith, Joel Dommett and Ignacio Lopez.

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November 8, 2023 4:00am ET by Channel 4  


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