'Love Triangle' - First Look At Explosive New Dating Show For E4

E4 has revealed the first six faces of new dating show 'Love Triangle'


Channel 4

2 April 2024 – Love Triangle sees six singles (pickers) choose between just two handpicked partners (suitors). Based on a connection made by texting only, the single and their chosen match meet on a blind date before taking the extraordinary step of moving in together, in the hope of fast-tracking their relationship.

What the singles don’t know, is that the pursuit of a ‘happy ever after’ comes with an explosive twist, when the rejected match arrives looking for love.

Starts later this month on E4.


27, North Wales, Entrepreneur

Dan lives a high-flying life of non-stop travel. He’s the CEO of his own company and has never worked for anyone else in his life. But whilst he has triumphed in the business and travel worlds, he now wants to find his perfect match.

After having his heart broken in recent years, Dan started therapy and has worked hard to learn about himself so he can build successful relationships. Whilst he’s looking for someone who is adventurous like himself, they must be kind-hearted and emotionally intelligent.

30, Reading, Trainee PT

Bubbly and vivacious, it may come as a surprise that Danika went four years without going on a single date! But this year, she is committed to finding the one. An active gym-goer and PT in training, fitness is an important part of Danika’s life.

Danika comes from a big family comprising many siblings, nieces and nephews, so she is looking for someone who is family-oriented, has a good sense of humour and good chat.

22, Wiltshire, Teaching Assistant

Jasmine is from Wiltshire and works as a teaching assistant at a local primary school. Having grown up without most of her fingers on her right hand, Jasmine’s developed a thick skin and her confidence has caught the attention of Paralympians and actors.

Occasionally she comes across guys who treat her differently, but she’s learning how to pick the good eggs from the bad.

Jasmine’s type is tall, dark, and handsome, but she is also looking for a mature and kind-hearted person who will accept her for who she is.

31, Manchester, DJ

Although he was born in France, at a young age Lloyd moved to London, then Norway, before returning to London again. He therefore found growing up difficult, as he never felt like he truly belonged in one place.

Now an international DJ, currently playing in clubs and bars around the world and often picking up a new girl after every gig.

Lloyd’s attracted to tall girls with great bodies. He also likes confident women who have a good sense of humour.

40, Sheffield, Ex-Pro Basketball Player

After growing up in Canada, Mike became a successful professional basketball player, going on to captain England in the Commonwealth Games and played for the Sheffield Sharks for 13 years, winning four championships.

Having spent all his life focussing on his career, Mike says he knows that he is ‘no spring chicken’ so is now looking to settle down with a partner and start a family. Whilst attraction is important to him, he doesn’t have a specific type, just a woman who looks good and is a natural beauty!

31, Preston, Entrepreneur

During her last relationship, ZaraLena suffered from stress-induced alopecia universalis which caused all of her hair to fall out in just six weeks. She has since founded her cosmetics range to help other women who are experiencing hair loss.

ZaraLena is looking for someone who shares the same sex-positive attitude and she considers a lack of sex to be a huge deal-breaker in a relationship. In the past, her success has attracted men who expect her to be the provider, so it’s important that her next partner is ambitious, driven and isn’t intimidated by her achievements.

Source Channel 4

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