Lio Pard drops hart hitting hypnotic hip-hop single '207'


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Dropping on the scene back in 2020 with a plethora of single releases since, he has been working tirelessly to create and release his first body of work, and has finally arrived with extended EP ‘Life Signs’. It is an 8 track EP full of surprises and switches in mood and tempo, but the one thing that remains a constant is Lio’s exceptional talent and vocal performances, where it will hook any hip-hop lover ears’ instantaneously.

The lead single ‘207’ typifies what Pard is all about; wurling synthesisers, a trap beat that immediately grabs your attention, and his unstoppable melodic flow where he seamlessly flips between singing and rapping. ‘Whatever you do, do it right, and always believe that you can’ Lio explains, talking about ‘207’ and the inspiration behind it.

Strongly reminiscent of the wondrous Kanye West and Lil Wayne, ‘207’ is a huge statement from Lio, where he really implements his stamp and authority in this explosive hip-hop track. There’s many moments that capture the ear, but the lyrics ‘I just need a couple cappuccinos, flyest like Milano’ are so clever and poignant from Pard, and are just a flavour of what his style and swagger is all about. Be sure to check out Lio Pard, before he flies right past you.


Lio Pard is an up and coming rapper and hip-hop artist who is only going one way. Hailing from Maine, USA, his hypnotic and motivational style of hip-hop has taken influences from all of the greats, and used this passion and energy to create his own lane. His lyricism is hugely potent, hard hitting and gets straight to the point, with a relentless beat carrying throughout to only add to his already huge presence.

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January 21, 2022 10:19am ET by Chloe Mogg  

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