Memphis Artist Grant Keller signs with CGA for new release "Forget About You"

"Forget About You" Single out Wednesday, May 1, 2024



Formerly creating waves as Dark-pop/Cloud-Rap artist Percy Bluu, Grant Robertson has gone back to his roots as Grant Keller, creating a shockwave in the Nashville and Atlanta Country scenes with his recent releases "Ghost Town" and "Made For Montana", gaining 4K+ Monthly listeners on Spotify since his first release June 2023. His upcoming release "Forget About You" showcases a true moment of evolution. Grant explains, "'Forget About You' marks a significant milestone for me and my close friend & co-writer of the song, Chance Lawhun. It's the second song we've ever written together, drawing from some of my real-life experiences. As we were writing, I found myself stepping into the shoes of the antagonist, reshaping elements of a real break up I went through last year, to fit the narrative of the song, resulting in a country pop/rock track that dives into the nasty side of a heartbreak."

Grant has partnered with Atlanta startup hybrid-label Coppiano Group America (CGA) with distribution through The Orchard. CGA founder, Jonny Coppiano, is excited about what's to come. "I started my career in the dark pop/pop rock scene out in LA and although my roots come from North Atlanta I've never worked with a country artist. That all changed when Suaz introduced me to Grant." Suaz is 21-year-old Ethan Savarin, a Cloud Rap/Dark Pop artist, and friend of Grant in the Memphis music scene, who also recently signed with the label earlier in 2024.

"Forget About You" drops Wednesday, May 1: Stream and download everywhere at the links below.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
5/30 Memphis Hi Tone


Grant Keller was born in Bristol, Tennessee but was raised in Memphis for most of his life. His one true companion? Music. Singing was a part of Grant's journey since childhood, writing his first songs when he was in sixth grade. Grant has recently partnered with CGA for his upcoming single "Forget About You" and is excited to perform live more this year with many more hits to come. Inquires?

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March 26, 2024 11:17pm ET by CGA  

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