‘Friend of the World’ Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Starring Nick Young and Alexandra Slade



After a catastrophic global war, a young filmmaker awakens in the carnage and seeks refuge in the only other survivor: an eccentric, ideologically opposed figure of the United States military. Together, they brave the toxic landscape in search of safety - and answers.

Alexandra Slade portrays Diane, an ambitious young filmmaker longing for a world that once was. Nick Young portrays Gore, an older war-torn military general who seems to know more about what’s going on in the aftermath of disaster.

“The first draft was written in August 2016, amidst a presidential election even more controversial than usual, a growing fear of global war, and a burgeoning cynicism in America that was spreading like wildfire. All of this informed a script that was originally coming from a personal place of fear and isolation. Global drama aside, this project is intended first and foremost as entertainment: a presumably good character we can identify with up against an unstoppable monster who represents everything that scares and infuriates us. It is a tribute to and expansion of themes from the body horror sub-genre of sci-fi and horror.” -Brian Patrick Butler, creator

'Friend of the World' is available now on Prime Video in the USA, UK and Germany.


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March 24, 2022 12:00pm ET by DTB  

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