17 Year-Old Divergent Soulful NYC Based South-African Artist Lenkie Shares New Single


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"Lenkie’s talent is evident through her gilted, impassioned vocals and equally evocative lyricism." - Atwood Magazine

"A beautifully sunny track that cuts through the darker times, her feel-good blend of international influences and silky vocals is the perfect remedy for the quarantine blues." - GigWise

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Lenkie On "Trouble"

“["Trouble"] is an anthem for the romantically self-destructive, like a song version of a support group. It captures the pulling, addictive feeling of going after someone who keeps you on your toes or makes you work for it, whether or not they actually want you. There’s a point when it stops being about the crush, and becomes about the chase. This song is for anyone who has fallen for someone who doesn't feel the same, or been strung along and then ghosted. It's for the people to make a new memory."


Lenkie is a 17-year-old South African musical artist living in New York City.

Her sound exhibits emotive layerings through soulful vocals and wistfully woven lyrics that luster beyond her age. She unites an open vulnerability, performance power, and presence that's independent and inviting.

Her first two singles were released in late 2019, which feature her striking voice and poignant melodies that angle at the current mood in a textured polish. Produced by Sam Friend (Cherry Jungle), performers on the records include Lenkie on vocals and guitar, Dani Markham (Childish Gambino) on drums and percussion, Curtis Nystrom (MS MR) on bass, and Sam Friend on organ. Luke Moellman (Great Good Fine Ok) mixed the songs.

Her upcoming single "Trouble" involves the same team plus Geneva Harrison (Bells Atlas) on percussion. Lenkie represents a blend of her international influences and unique ability to channel universal themes into vivid specifics. First introductions to the public have her connecting fast with a broader audience, as she continues to creatively unfold and shine. A singer-songwriter with a stylish passion and worldly background, Lenkie is a new artist on the move.

June 10, 2020 7:46pm ET by Diet Cokes and Smokes PR  

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