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Brooke Law is no flash in the pan. She was just 15 years old when she started song-writing and honing her performance skills at intimate venues around London. Not long after that, whilst a degree student at the Institute of Contemporary Music, she set about writing with top producers who worked with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa and Lana Del Ray. Not bad for an ambitious North London teenager influenced by great souls such as Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox, and Jeff Buckley.

Brooke Law is a London-born British singer and songwriter. Her diverse multi-ethnic family (Eurasian on her maternal side, and mixed Jewish on her paternal side) have definitely helped shape her as an artist. Her music has been inspired and encouraged through a broad minded and nurturing family unit that has allowed Brooke to freely express her own values, beliefs and ambitions.

Indeed, Brooke doesn’t hesitate to address issues that’s are not just about love and relationships, but also about hope, feminism, equality and society. Her first song 'Hidden' also celebrated inspirational women from our everyday lives. It was released on International Women's Day in March 2018 as a way of commemorating the contribution women have made throughout history that is often not recognised. Brooke also performed the track at the Million Women Rise March to stand with those who have experienced gender-based violence.

Ultimately Brooke is a storyteller who is using her concepts and visuals to start a conversation. Her Debut EP is called Archetypes with each song represent a different female archetype. Brooke’s new single ‘Don’t Say It’s Love’ is not so much a typical love song but is more about enjoying the moment and not getting wrapped up in anything too soon. It stresses the importance of being free and confident with where you are and not rushing into anything because that’s what society might consider the norm. Brooke explains “ I’ve written the verses to suggest that the relationship is about having fun whilst the other person is making it serious - this is the go with the flow free spirit archetype. The lyrics build up to say ‘Want you to wait till you to mean it’ This is about people being honest with each other and not saying things that the other person wants to hear. - still the free spirit Archetype, thinking about what you want and being confident to say it. "

The video shows Brooke as part of a fictional couple where her partner has decided it’s the real deal and declares love way too soon. Brooke says: “Through society we all feel pressured into finding ‘the one’ and rushing into something serious either by the relationship itself or by others around us. The video explains this metaphorically by being wrapped up in material whilst showing glimpses of the time together. In the hook of the song I am free with the fabrics and in control showing the archetype of the song.”

‘Don’t Say it’s Love’ will feature on Brooke’s debut E.P. ‘Archetypes’: to be released later this year

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