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Musician, song-writer, artist and producer Iuliano embodies a modern musical artistry that is both elusive and accessible. Born in Italy, Iuliano inherited both his mother’s inclinations toward culture and his father’s affinity for economics. Beginning his studies on piano, Iuliano -who was a fan of progressive rock, jazz and soul - played in clubs, his keyboards augmented by sequenced backing tracks.

It was that a dream sparked his dramatic musical journey. “I dreamed that I was in a classroom, and horn players were performing one of my arrangements,” he recalls. He made this dream come true in the United States when he moved to Boston, MA to enroll at Berklee College of Music. “It was like everything that had been explained to me could now be applied – the concepts became bright and clear.”

With his engineering and arranging expertise finely-tuned, Iuliano gravitated to the role of a producer. After a four-year experience in Malaysia where he directed a small label, he chose to launch a solo career. Iuliano’s personal vision as an artist came together in the form of his forthcoming debut E.P. “Hidden Roots”. A he says: “It’s the sound that I’ve heard my whole life, together in one place. Everybody has a limit – sometimes the wrong side of the limit keeps you from making music, but if you can go around it, it becomes a point of power. You can express yourself through your limits. It makes you different from other artists and it becomes your point of strength.” In other words: ‘finding your hidden roots’.

Two tracks from this E.P are singles in their own right. Both tracks tell a convey an introspective narrative: “The Hidden Root” is about a girl who finds herself traveling towards a casual and unknown destination. Leaving it all behind creates mixed feelings, on one side: the pain of leaving loved people and all the things she is accustomed to. On the other: the excitement of the unknown and an inner impulse (i.e. ‘the hidden root’) she was not aware of. Iuliano admits it stems from a very personal experience: “I wrote this song because of a similar situation that was happening to me. Trying to control the suffering I was feeling, I took the guitar and started playing this “trotting” groove. From there I developed the lyrics trying to imagine all the different feelings she went through.”

"Not a Sound" however, is a mix between desperation (the incapability to hear anything but a fastidious, monotonous things like a ticking clock) and the sweetness of the remembrance of normal action in daily life (e.g. the scent of the morning coffee) which only becomes truly special when we miss it.

Iuliano played all the instruments, save percussion, on the tracks too- all the more remarkable as it was the very first time he had picked them up, let alone played them! It is this unconventionality and the intense musical expression of inner feelings and consciousness makes Iuliano an extraordinary artist. Intimate vocals and cryptic lyrics float above an orchestral palette; electric and nylon string guitars counterbalance complex harmonies and spectral electronica to present us with something quite unique.

October 28, 2018 6:17pm ET by Digital Rebel PR  

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