Indie rock band Little Fireworks' emotionally-charged debut EP 'Where Did The Light Go?' is out now

Little Fireworks are Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh…


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Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh are two lifelong friends from London who have been writing music together for over 7 years, in different projects, across various roles. Like many bands, the 2020 pandemic played a huge part in the demise of their previous project. Pierce went on as a solo artist under the name “kav.” whilst Scott focused his efforts on forging a career as a full-time session musician. Whilst their hiatus from one another was briefer than most, the pair inevitably missed making music together. Pierce wanted to continue project 'kav' as a band, and invited Scott in on the journey. Enter Little Fireworks: a new musical tour de force.

How would you describe Little Fireworks? You could correctly imbue them with the 'sad’ musical label, but this description alone would do the band a great injustice. They also proffer their fans a real sense of hope and optimism., influenced by their love for the likes of Biffy Clyro, Frightened Rabbit, The National and others, Pierce and Scott provide listeners with relatable, heady emotions, managing to weave them expertly around heart-wrenching harmonies in an alchemic mix of loud and quiet moments. The impressive mix has resulted in thought-provoking songs about heartbreak (although not always from the viewpoint of the wounded), mental health and dealing with life in our unpredictable and turbulent world. With epic crescendos, honest lyrics and hair-raising melodies, they entrance audiences - both in their studio output - and at their live gigs.

The band’s debut EP 'Where Did The Light Go?' was released on Friday 12th April. This fresh collection of four songs establishes Little Fireworks as true contenders to reignite some hope that's very much needed in these trying times. Case in point: the lead single and focus track 'Like Ghosts' (out now) explores all the areas of the break-up grief cycle; ending in the biggest sigh of relief. Through the soft, heartbreaking verses and the huge, anthemic chorus, close your eyes and immerse yourself in this gripping number. Do that for the rest of the EP too. Their music may seem predominantly sombre, the constant, universal theme in their production and lyrical content is absolutely one of hope, providing a much-needed flicker of light when all else is dark, a.k.a: a ‘little firework’.


  1. Brother
  2. Like Ghosts
  3. Vicious Tongue
  4. My Best

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