E! Announces Guest Judges For New Design Competition Series "OMG Fashun" with Julia Fox

Guest Judges This Season Include Phaedra Parks, Tommy Dorfman, Pretty Vee and More



Trailblazing style icon Julia Fox and renowned image architect Law Roach host the new eccentric fashion design competition series "OMG Fashun," premiering with two back-to-back half-hour episodes on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Back-to-back episode premieres to follow weekly.

Handcrafted is the new haute couture on "OMG Fashun" as Julia inspires pioneering fashion disruptors to upend traditional style convention, break the rules and redefine cool. Each episode challenges three disruptors to create a boundary-breaking look born of Fox's beautifully bold brain. Using materials and techniques that would make fashion's so-called gatekeepers squirm, the contestants must race against the clock to compose and style their unconventional ensembles for the judging panel, consisting of Fox, Roach and a rotating expert guest judge. The disruptor with the most eye-catching, unexpected and cutting-edge look is crowned the winner of the competition.

Fashion forward and extraordinary guest judges include "The Traitors" and "Married to Medicine" star Phaedra Parks; comedian Pretty Vee; drag legend Violet Chachki; actress Tommy Dorfman; fashion model and social media sensation Wisdom Kaye; editor-in-chief of Nylon magazine, Lauren McCarthy; theater producer Jordan Roth; and Julia Fox's stylist Briana Andalore.

Each episode will follow three disruptors as they craft a themed design for their ultimate muse, Julia Fox. Each week's winner is awarded a $10,000 cash prize and gets their garment modeled by Fox.

Meet the Disruptors:

• Episode 101: "It's Giving Mother (Nature)"
Julia kicks off this season with a midsommer soirée ... naturally. Our disruptors are tasked to stay green and create looks from Mother Earth. Will our Disruptors bloom or wilt under pressure?
Guest judge: Phaedra Parks
Disruptors: Adreain Guillory, Sho Kinishi, Elizabeth Shevelev

• Episode 102: "Plastics"
Beware of the plastics! Julia is on a mission to save the planet from fast fashion and slay the sustainable runway. Our designers have to bring it all when creating an unforgettable look from the most unexpected materials.
Guest judge: Pretty Vee
Disruptors: Breanna Billiter, Padina Bondar-Gibbs, Brittany Schall

• Episode 103: "Sexual Wellness"
It's not easy to satisfy a former Dominatrix when Julia tasks the Disruptors with designing a look for her pleasure.
Guest judge: Violet Chachki
Disruptors: Meagan "Jersey" Cruz, David Marve, Jessica Rowell

• Episode 104: "She Wears the Pants"
Playing with gender norms in fashion is nothing new, but Julia still expects the Disruptors to make herstory with their designs made from menswear.
Guest judge: Tommy Dorfman
Disruptors: Jarrod Olson, Natashia Miyazaki, Carolyn "Hiarai" Strong

• Episode 105: "Super Power B****"
Julia serves supermom realness as she challenges the Disruptors to make her a super suit for her alter-ego: Super Fox.
Guest judge: Wisdom Kaye
Disruptors: Chelsea Billingsley, Bradley Callahan, Ekaterina "Katya" Li

• Episode 106: "Junk in the Trunk"
The Disruptors transform Julia's junk drawer gems into Pawn Shop couture. Will they find the diamond in the rough? Our Disruptors will miraculously create something stunning from all things once forgotten.
Guest judge: Lauren McCarthy + Jordan Roth
Disruptors: Theodore Banzon, Randy Luna, Desiree Scarborough

• Episode 107: "Saints & Sinners"
The Disruptors craft designs to honor Julia's dual persona: motherly saint and provocative sinner. Who will rise above the divine drama?
Guest judge: Richie Shazam
Disruptors: Asato Kitamura, Carlos Reyes, Deborah Won

• Episode 108: "The Redemption"
Three Disruptors return for redemption in the season finale ... reimagining Julia's iconic looks in the ultimate OMG challenge.
Guest judge: Briana Andalore

"OMG Fashun" is produced by Scout Productions. Rob Eric, David Collins, Michael Williams, Renata Lombardo and Julia Fox will executive produce.

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