Getting High on Toking with The Dead

Jeffry Homan & Ben Bartlett lll Take Toking to a New Level



Let's follow the book action: Duke and Tobi open a dispensary after the legalization of medicinal marijuana was approved. A catastrophic event at a nearby facility flipped their world upside down when people began to turn into crazed, undead mutants. Accidentally, they discover that their weed has a strange and unique effect on the zombies. The need for flesh has been replaced with a need for weed, and maybe a Twinkie or two. Follow their story as they try to save their weed and the world.

About the Authors

Ben was born and raised in Plymouth Massachusetts where he attended PCHS. For twenty-five years he worked in the trades as a carpenter before venturing out to become a partner in a successful Remolding business. “Writing has always been a big part of my life, mostly poetry, which was inspired from a close friend.“ he said when asked about this new endeavor. He still works as a carpenter and continues to write poetry, short stories and comic books. He currently resides with his wife and 2 of his 6 children in the great North East.

Jeff was born and raised in Natick Massachusetts and attended Natick High School where he met his soul mate. He attended UMASS Amherst and later partnered with his father starting a construction business where he worked for many years. He now owns a custom furniture business making high-end commissioned pieces. Jeff has written over 300 poems and has won the Golden Poet Award for some of his work. He currently resides in the North East with his wife and high school sweetheart.

In 2017, after more than thirty years of friendship, Ben and Jeff embarked on the “Toking with the Dead” idea. Starting out as a novel, it was decided to release a comic book series as the novel was being written in an effort to bring some fun to the cannabis world. The next few years would prove to be anything but boring. In late 2019 they started a live broadcast show which is now entering its fourth season, and in 2020 filming began with Bill Diamond Productions to bring the comics to life in a live-action series.

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