Gerald McClellan Jr. following in his father’s footsteps in the “Rumble in Humble”



Gerald McClellan Jr. following in his father’s footsteps in the Rumble in Humble” event. The live weigh-ins are scheduled for May 3, followed by the main event on May 4th in Houston, Texas, coinciding with the Cinco de Mayo weekend. This global broadcast has been meticulously organized by Roy Foreman, President of the TPT Media and Entertainment LLC Boxing Division. With an impressive career spanning over 40 years in the boxing industry, Mr. Foreman brings unparalleled expertise. He has managed his brother George Foreman to championship titles and promoted over 200 fights across the Americas and Europe.

A percentage of profits will be allocated to the family of Gerald McClellan Sr.

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Gerald McClellan Jr., also known as “S.O.G.”, is a rising professional boxer following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Gerald McClellan Sr., also known as “G-Man”. Let’s delve into some details about this talented fighter:

Gerald McClellan Jr. made his professional debut at 175 pounds in December, securing a third-round TKO victory in his hometown of Freeport1.

He currently competes as a light-heavyweight (175 pounds), but he has contemplated fighting at super-middleweight (168 pounds) to continue his father’s legacy.

Gerald stands at six feet tall and possesses a versatile fighting style. Although primarily an orthodox fighter, he can seamlessly switch to southpaw.

His power-packed right-hand mirrors that of his father, and he also excels in body shots. However, he particularly values his jab, using it both defensively and offensively to create openings and distractions1.

Gerald McClellan Jr. aims to stay active in the ring. He plans to have a total of six fights this year.

Being the son of a two-time middleweight champion and a devastating puncher like his father, Gerald faces both advantages and challenges.

The McClellan name can be intimidating for potential opponents, making it difficult to secure fights early in his career.

Despite the hurdles, Gerald McClellan Jr. remains committed to carving out his own path in the boxing world. His love for the sport and determination to honor his father’s legacy drive him forward.


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