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(October 2 – New York, NY) – Asserting himself as the culture’s most unapologetic outlier, buzzing artist and producer Note Marcato unleashes his debut album BeachBum Limbo today.

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He set the stage for the record with the recent anthem “Rafiki.” Its hypnotically hyper music video just cracked 101K YouTube views. FLAUNT described BeachBum Limbo as “an oceanic body of sound that offers waves of colorful vibes and emotions,” and The FADER appropriately crowned him, “the new bad guy on the block.”

To celebrate the release, he just dropped the music video for his new single “Cross Eyed Hike.”

His music performance bursts with originality, as he shows off his vocal dexterity over hard hitting 808s and cinematic instrumentation. Marcato flexes his Cardinal character embodiment, as he shape shifts into chilling and eerie vocals, while captivating the audience with a knowledge of performance one would only expect from a seasoned vet.

In the video, Marcato is “an immortal being on a journey through time to save the one he’s sworn to protect while one man stands in the way of his destiny,” says Directors Art Okoro & Luc L’amour. Donning his signature el Día de los Muertos face-paint Marcato transforms into his alter ego Cardinal, embracing his other side in a Western Anime showdown. All kinds of madness ensue in this outrageously surreal world.

Watch the visual to find out what happens…

Check it out HERE via Vevo/YouTube.

The 13-track project plays out like a warped and wonderful journey past the boundaries of hip-hop and into a new kind of underworld that belongs to Note Marcato. Video game-style keys set an ominous tone for opener “Gura Gura” as he announces, “These are the tales of a BeachBum’s Limbo,” before launching into a melodic croon. Whether it be the entrancing bounce of “Baba Yaga” or vulnerable and vital confessional of the conclusion “In Advance,” he serves up the most unpredictable trip of 2020.

About the album, he commented, “BeachBum Limbo is my story so far. It’s everything up to this moment, and it hints at everything to come. I wanted to surprise everyone—including myself. There are no boundaries just Marcato.”

Executive produced by BL$$D, the project features production by G Koop (Rihanna, Migos) and Soundz (Justin Bieber, Chris Brown), with guest vocals from Anatti, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, among others. Ten of the tracks were produced by Note Marcato himself. You can hear the angst and love within the lyrics as much as the meticulousness the young artist put into each track’s mix. So that the listeners can experience the same energy the 6’4” comet channeled to birth his EP, each song plays chronologically to when it was recorded.

His face and sound will be long remembered.


Gura Gura
Koops Tongue Twister
Baba Yaga
Down Above
Sick Ol’ Boy
Cross Eyed Hike
Blackheart 39
Dragon Sickness
Cranium Revolvis
Muscle’s memory
In Advance


About Note Marcato:

Whether introduced to Note Marcato in-person or through his music, there are two characteristics that will remain impressed upon you: the wattage and amorphousness of his star power. The 19-year-old producer and songwriter takes zero form. There isn’t a box that fits him, nor a space he can’t imbue. The only borders associated with the New York University Clive Davis Institute pupil is his professional moniker. Note Marcato is an Italian representation of the 3-4 music note, which is intended to be played the loudest. Marcato’s sound doesn’t prioritize volume as much as it does an exponentially higher standard. The evidence lives on his Epic Records debut EP, BeachBum Limbo, a project not for the times, but of and for many eras, some of which haven’t arrived yet. Note Marcato is a gift from Later.

That Note Marcato’s debut was inspired by blue skies and warm tides makes perfect sense. BeachBum Limbo is an oceanic body of sonic that offers waves of colorful vibes and emotions. It possesses an urgency that belies the age of its author. “I make music as if I’m trying to save the world,” says Note Marcato. His creative intention explains why his singular sound belongs to no particular region yet manages to represent the globe. His modus operandi: Break the rules and create tomorrow.

“Normally your Marcato is the climax of a song or parts of it,” he says. “So I wanted to try and make an entire album where every song is Marcato.”

October 2, 2020 12:15pm ET by Epic Records (US)  

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