In A New-Fangled Take on The R&B Genre, Artist ‘Dean Lloyd’ Drops Debut Single ‘Run Away’

In A New-Fangled Take on The R&B Genre, Birmingham Artist ‘Dean Lloyd’ Drops His Debut Single ‘Run Away’


The Famous Company

What does it mean to be a part of modern Britain, who stands as the voice of reason for the working class? In a message for contemporary society, British rapper and R&B artist Dean Lloyd has today released his debut single ‘Run Away’; an irresistibly punchy track taking us fashionably into the summer.

Hailing from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Dean Lloyd stems from influences of Drake, Raye, Yung Bane and Kojo Funds, bridging together an accumulation of afrobeat and R&B tonalities in his latest release. Inserting himself into the forefront of modern music, Dean Lloyd centers his love and passion for songwriting and production around the expression of societal ideologies. His music reflects that of his attempt to put across a message for the working class, providing a channel for escapism and inspiration, a much-needed voice for the social and political issues that surround people in poverty around modern Britain.

In a world where today’s music has limited space for critical discussion, Dean sits amongst the best of innovative artists representing their music as a narrative for social change. With an impeccable flow, Dean Lloyd’s debut single gives us the first of many great things to come from the British artist, taking the industry by storm with a knack for seamless, R&B Funk.

Launching himself into the urban scene with strong determination and the means to raise the stakes on modern hip-hop, Dean Lloyd swings us into a hot summer with something fresh and ready for our party playlist.

May 31, 2018 5:45am ET by The Famous Company  

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