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Normani Kordei on making it to the DWTS finals

Normani Kordei has spoken about how she felt when she found out she made it to the finals of 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Writing in  Hollywood Life, she said:

"Learning two dance routines is really stressful this week, especially when you get a danced like the viennese waltz — it’s one of the most challenging dances. I was tumbling and tripping and literally not doing what it was that I was supposed to.

"I couldn’t pick it up! I was scared that I wouldn’t remember it come showtime, but you have to be in the moment and remain grateful!

"I always take it back to me and my grandma being on the couch! She got a lot of FaceTime this week — she went in for the kiss and got it! Grandma gets what Grandma wants. I was really uncomfortable. She’s the real star of the family, and I love her so so much. I’m very blessed that she’s able to see me live out my dream.

"I think it was one of those pinch me moments when they called my name first [for the finals]. It’s just really crazy. To think of the person that I was coming in to the show week one, and the person that I am now… it’s absolutely surreal. I’ve done so much and have so much growth throughout the process. I think that that’s a reward in itself . . . but the mirror ball is so close, yet so far away! But I feel it! I’m just very blessed and grateful to anybody whose supportive and voted.

"Honestly, this last week I’m gonna go in super grateful and really put myself in it fully. I don’t want to have to worry about dance moves; I feel like we’ve proven ourselves in the competition and I don’t want it to be about dance. I’m very blessed for the opportunity — whether it be the friendships I’ve formed or the platform to speak about things that I’ve always wanted to talk abut which I did in my contemporary. It’s about the journey in itself and letting people know just what that means to me."

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