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Exciting new ballsy bubble-gum punk rockers Artemis have dropped their brand new single ‘New Waves’.

Kicking things off and hitting you straight in the face with punchy drum, driving bass lines, soaring lead guitar and emotively catchy vocal hooks to fit ‘New Waves’ is a track for the here and now.

“New waves is about a generational up-rising and standing against the system's mistakes. Defying the stigma that is based around the “younger generation” and how a lot of issues are blamed towards the millennial generation” Explains guitarist Frankie. “Protesting against how our voices are silenced (“our mouths are sealed”) as the government and older gens don’t want to admit their in-capabilities and monstrosities that they have caused in our society. Believing “Wars” and “abuse” is the way forward when it's our future to live and our decisions to make.”

Artemis is a four-piece, all-women, alt-rock/post-punk band. While starting out creating music and playing gigs in the Southampton and London area, Artemis quickly built a devoted fanbase. Rocking dance floors and opening minds ever since, the band draws crowds from far and wide, and continues to spread musical light in every new destination.

‘New Waves’ is a truly honest offering from a band who echo the thoughts of so many. Artemis are ready to make a stand with their music. It’s because of this that so many people feel that they can relate to the music that Artemis produce making them a true force in 2021 and beyond.

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June 3, 2021 4:16am ET by Jordan Bell  

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