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This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby return from their summer holiday on Monday 3rd September for the start of a brand new series of ITV’s flagship daytime show set to deliver exciting new content ahead of its 30th anniversary in October.

From the very start, viewers will notice a newly shot title sequence featuring Phillip and Holly in and around their new studio surroundings at Television Centre. [New title sequence images available via ITV picture desk] Phillip and Holly will also speak exclusively to Love Island winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, actor Charles Lawson on his return to Coronation Street, Olympic star Tom Daley will be cooking in the kitchen and viewers will learn how This Morning will not have just one dog joining the family this year, but will take on 52 in a bid to help rescue and rehome them.

New for this term will be a brand new food series with Gordon Ramsay and his daughter, Tilly, called ‘Big Chef Little Chef’ where the duo will encourage children to get more involved in cooking and learn vital life skills during their masterclasses. The multi-Michelin starred chef said, “I know how important to learn the basics of cooking are and we want to pass on our experience.”

Also new for This Morning will be ‘Speakmans Go Stateside’ where resident therapists Nik and Eva Speakman take their leading therapy techniques to help treat the American citizens of their fears and phobias. Eva said, “We love America and viewers will get to join us on a journey into the unknown!” Nik added, “It’s not just the buildings, cars, and the country that are bigger, everything appears to be on the next level, even their phobias and anxieties.”

And fresh from their recent summer co-hosting stint Rylan Clark-Neal and Gok Wan are joining forces again but this time to explore some of the finer things in life for ‘Gok and Rylan’s Life of Luxury’ series. [See below Q&A for more details and quotes from them]

Along with another live wedding on the horizon too, Phillip and Holly - together with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford - will have plenty more surprises in store for This Morning’s 30th anniversary week that will officially start from 1st October.

This Morning’s editor, Martin Frizell said, “These new items are just the tip of the iceberg in what we have planned. It’s a hugely important milestone for the show and whilst we will reflect on some past memories, the team are working around the clock to develop and deliver plenty of new content for our thirtieth year, and in turn will hopefully create more great memories for viewers.”

Gok and Rylan's Life of Luxury

Following their recent guest hosting stint on This Morning, viewers will get to see the duo together again for a new mini series on the show called Gok and Rylan’s Life of Luxury.

How would you describe this new Life of Luxury series for This Morning? What can viewers expect?

Rylan: “This new series is a way to see all the things that we know and love about luxury. We visit and take a look at a luxury chocolatier, a luxury fragrance house and a luxury florist. We are looking at the very, very high end of these areas, and we were granted access all areas to see how all these things are made and put together. Everything from how the scents are created, meeting the staff, seeing the production line... it’s a real in-depth look at extreme life of luxury. For example, some single scents cost up to £25,000 because it can take two years to create and be bespoke to you.”

Gok: “This series really is a pure festival of luxury indulgence! We had such fun doing it. There are so many things we’ve been able to do, it’s been fascinating. We got to make our own chocolate bars, too!”

Rylan: “This Morning knew this area was a passion of mine as I’m actually launching a luxury business later this year. It’s been something I’ve been doing quietly for the past four years and I’m almost ready to launch it. So this series was great for me to see the full process and see what makes people tick, and what are the extremes that people go to to get the right product.”

What has been your favourite moment during filming? What have you learnt about each other?

Rylan: “My favourite thing was probably seeing how Gok works, and for him to see how I work because we do work very differently. Gok looks at stuff from a style sense and how things look, I do that as well but also a from a business point of view. I didn’t realise that about him, and he didn’t realise that about me. And doing this series, we’d often go to ask the same question, we saw a different side to each other. I think he realised I wasn’t as silly as I look, and I realised that there’s more to him than just the look.”

Gok: “It’s true! I also learnt that Rylan is a truly beautiful person - generous, charismatic, and honest…”

Rylan: “But I think a lot of the funniest moments were not suitable for camera! We’ve definitely had a laugh doing this put it that way!”

Gok: “That reminds me, one of my favourite moments with Rylan during filming was when I had to kick Rylan’s proverbial backside in this incredible florist!”

You both love cooking and fashion - did you swap tips or ask for advice?

Rylan: “It has been really lovely working with Gok but he judged every outfit I wore! We were also lucky to film near New Bond Street and we had a nice little walk about the shops together one day. He tries to tell me what to wear and I tell him where to go!”

Gok: “I would never ask Rylan for any fashion advice because there is never enough glitter in the world to cover this body!”

What is the most extravagant luxury item in your wardrobe or your daily routine?

Rylan: “I would probably say skincare. I do see the difference when I invest in skincare. I would always - if you can - go for a more expensive foundation. I used to be a make-up artist and I would always say if you have a budget for make-up, use at least 50-70 percent of that on your base. I see it as building a tower block, if you’ve got a good foundation, whatever you put on top of it, it’ll stand up! You can use your £2 bronzer, or your 99p mascara because they’ll do their job, but unless you’ve got the perfect foundation, it’s not worth it.”

Gok: “The most extravagant item in my wardrobe is a one-off silver sequin Chanel jacket, which was a completely pointless buy as I've only worn it once. It just goes to show that shopping after a sherry is a bad idea!”

What is at the top of your wish list if money was no object?

Rylan: “I’m lucky that I’ve got my house, I’ve got my car, and they are the two things I’ve always wanted in life… and I don’t really buy excessive things. But if money was no object, the one thing I would like would be a private jet and I’d like to be the one flying it! I would absolutely love to learn to be a pilot, and be able to go, ‘Let's go away, I’ll just get the jet out’...I’d love that!”

Gok: “Wow. Good one. I think if money was no object for me I would love to own an apartment in New York like the one Tony Stark has in The Avengers.”

Would you say that you’re easy to buy for or quite hard?

Rylan: “Everyone says I’m the worst person to buy for because they think I’ve got everything, but I haven’t, obviously! I live within my means, and I’m lucky to earn money from a job that I love over the years, but I’m really not a flashy person. The only things I do like are a nice pair of shoes and a nice belt… and I’m happy to team those with high street stuff. As long as you like what you look like it shouldn’t matter what the brand is.”

Gok: “I agree. I think I am very easy to buy for, but I am told by everyone around me that it's like trying to buy the perfect gift for Santa!”

So, is this the start of a new friendship or TV double act?

Gok: “It is definitely the start of a new friendship, and hopefully a TV double act!”

Rylan: “Yeah, obviously we’ve known each other a while from being on This Morning, but this is the first time we’ve teamed up for a project like this, and since hosting the show together over the summer we appear to have merged as ‘Rok’! Are we the new duo to watch out for? You tell us! We get on great, and we don’t care whether we are working together or just hanging out together as friends, we have fun either way!”

How would you describe each other and what would you buy for each other to make them happy?

Rylan: “I would describe Gok as warm, funny, a bit crazy, and a complete control freak - but in a good way! And I did buy Gok some fish, chips and mushy peas one day for lunch and it made him really happy, so I’d probably treat him to that again! It makes me feel sick because I don’t really like fish, but he enjoyed himself.”

Gok: “I would describe Rylan as a funny, clever, warm and sensitive person who keeps the world at bay with his sharp tongue and quick wit. What would I buy him? I would buy him two tonnes of cotton wool to keep him safe from the world!”

Are there moments you ditch any form of luxury or glamorous lifestyles and enjoy slobbing out?

Rylan: “Yes! The moment I get home the make-up comes off and the tracksuits go on!”

Gok: “Plenty. After This Morning I always try and take a little nap.”

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