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Catherine Agbaje
Age: 22
From: Dublin
Occupation: commercial real estate agent

Why Love Island and why now?
I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to narrow down what I’m actually looking for and reach my goal to find love. I want to get my feelings out there and put myself out there. I want to love, and to be loved - and with no distractions as well.

What do you think you’ll bring to the Villa?
I’ll bring fun,I’ll be someone to rely on, outgoing and loud.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for why someone should want to date you?
I’m fun, I’m flirty, I’m just never boring. I can chat your ears off!

If there was one thing you’d want your new fellow Islanders to know about you, what would it be?
I can be a bit bossy. Some of my friends and family call me bossy. I just like being in control sometimes and navigating situations.

Why would you say you’re single?
I don’t know. Maybe it’s lust and not going deeper and staying on the surface level.

How would friends/family describe you?
Someone who is fun and a loving character. They know I have so much love to give. I’m always smiling, I’m always happy, I’m always laughing. You’ll always see me with a smile on my face.

What’s your best date story?
A guy stood me up one time. Normally, I’d never see them again. But a year later, he explained himself. A year later!? He took me on a date, he rented a car for the night to take us from location to location and we ordered everything at this really nice restaurant. All the starters, all the mains... He ordered a dessert that said ‘sorry’ on it. It was actually really cute. He got a second date, we went to the casino!

What gives you the ick?
It might be a weird ick, but I don’t really like long hair, especially when it gets sweaty...!

Do you fall in love quickly?
I can fall in love quickly, but I don’t usually as I feel like I’m very guarded about my feelings. When I do fall in love, I fall hard and you’re stuck with me for life!

If you had to pick three of the most important things you look for in a partner what would they be?
Honesty, then they need to be funny and smell nice.

Tell us something not many people know about you?
My teeth are real, people always think they are veneers! I had braces when I was younger. I have two degrees, I have my undergrad and my masters in Psychology and Sociology and Real Estate.

This year marks series 10 of Love Island. Do you have a favourite show moment from any of the previous seasons?
Davide saying, ‘You’re a liar! You’re an actress!” That was funny.

If you had to pick three celebrities to be in the Villa with you as fellow Islanders who would they be and why?
Michael B. Jordan because I can look at him all day; Nicki Minaj, I’m a fan, I think she’s my girlie, I’d be able to talk to her; and Lil Baby.

If money was no object, what would be your ideal first date?
I love walking, seeing sunsets and amazing scenery, so I’d love to go to Italy and have dinner with an amazing sunset.


This summer, Love Island is back in Mallorca and set to return for its tenth sizzling series on Monday 5th June at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX as a host of brand new singletons seek to find love.

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