Interview with Jasmine Jobson who plays Lisa in Platform 7

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Interview with Jasmine Jobson - Lisa

Tell us a bit about Lisa...

Without giving away too much, Lisa is a ghost, trapped at a station. She's very strong minded and strong willed and she witnesses a devastating incident that jogs her fractured memory. Along her journey she finds similarities to something that she's experienced herself, which in turn gives her a lot of power, which is very exciting.

When you first read the script, what was your reaction?

There's a lot of flashbacks so I was trying to keep up with the timeline and how things progressed, but the script was phenomenal. There's so much description, it's almost like the book - so I could visualise every scene for every moment because it was so beautifully detailed, Paula smashed it!

Your character is a ghost - as a concept for an actress, what were your thoughts?

My biggest concern about playing a ghost would have been the special effects side of things, - how I'd manage to walk through things, figuring out at what point in the story I'm able to do certain things as it changes as the story goes on. I’ve always been fascinated by special effects and how they film people walking through you, so it’s been a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Sometimes it felt odd, talking and no one saying anything back to you - I had to adapt to being a fly on the wall. Especially being the main character in the show that often doesn't have a lot to say in scenes - I'd say about 60% of the job was facial expressions which is a tough skill to manifest. I was definitely ready for the challenge and think I did pretty well! Being a fly on the wall was a crazy experience, to have everyone talking about you but no one talking to you and then when Lisa speaks no one responds!

What was your experience of filming at the train station?

Well, filming the show was so much fun, but being in a train station in the middle of winter definitely wasn't fun all the time, I had to constantly act like I didn't feel the cold as a ghost - so I would always try to imagine I was in a hot country like the Dominican Republic! Other than the weather, it was a breeze! I'd come straight off of another job so coming into Platform 7 was a little bit challenging going from one project straight to another but it meant that my performance is all unchecked emotion, it was all round amazing.

Do you have any favourite scenes?

All of the supernatural stuff! It was so fun to play.

What can you tell us about the other characters at the station - there's a whole community...

There's a lot going on - outside of my character’s family, there’s Matt - played by Toby who was so great to work with, we had such a laugh. There’s Transport Police Officer Akash and station worker Melissa too and another ghost Edward. He has his own story that viewers will discover too - Phil Davies is a phenomenal actor and a lovely guy, he's like a BFG (big friendly giant!). He's so great, I learnt a lot from him. It was nice to have another character that Lisa can talk to as well so we bounced off each other well too which was lovely.


Streaming exclusively on ITVX from Thursday 7th December.

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