Interview with Jen and Susan (best friends), from ITV's 'The Fortune Hotel'

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May 7, 2024 – A thrilling and high-octane new reality entertainment event, The Fortune Hotel is produced by Tuesday’s Child exclusively for ITV and STV, the 8 episodes x 60 minutes prime-time series will invite viewers into a luxury Caribbean resort filled with glamour, opulence and deception.

Hosted by the incomparable Stephen Mangan, 10 pairs of contestants will arrive at The Fortune Hotel, where they will be given an all-important briefcase. Inside one case is the ultimate jackpot of £250,000 in cash, eight are empty, and one contains the dreaded Early Checkout Card – whichever pair is left holding that case at the end of each show will see their stay brought to a dramatic, premature end.

Every day the contestants have the chance to try to uncover who has which case through playing compelling challenges, and as the “Whogotit” mystery ramps up for the hotel guests, viewers at home will remain deliciously in-the-know throughout, witness to all of their plans and strategies playing out.

The climax of each episode is the nerve-shredding case swap in the seductive Lady Luck bar where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case. Have the couple with the life-changing sum of cash managed to bluff and blag their way free of suspicion? Or will their case be ruthlessly taken off them? And who will be left holding the case containing the Early Checkout Card?

Why have you chosen to visit The Fortune Hotel?

Susan: She made me do it.
Jen: When I came across the casting advert, I remember thinking, this show resembled White Lotus meets Glass Onion meets The Traitors and I thought Susan and I would be amazing at this! - coupled with the opportunity to get away with my best friend to sneak about at a luxury resort and steal money from people - We're IN!

How would you spend the 250K prize money if you won it?

Susan: Shoes, I’d treat myself to some expensive ones but I’d also be sensible and use it towards my mortgage as well as treating my family.
Jen: The ideal would be to be mortgage free before 50 as well as having the opportunity to take our kids on an incredible trip to Disney in Florida. I’d also treat Susan to a couple of pairs of nice shoes.

What was the most memorable experience you had during the filming?

Jen: My funniest memory is one of the challenges which involved cocktails, I took a massive slurp and didn’t think of the consequences which was funny.
Jen: How resilient we both can be, we both had moments of frustration but we pulled ourselves back and got on with it. It really solidified our friendship with memories we can share and look back on forever.
Susan: It brought us even closer than I thought was possible, it strengthened our friendship, I feel lucky to have shared that experience together.

What was the most dramatic moment you encountered whilst staying at The Fortune Hotel?

Susan: When Stephen first came in to meet us and asked everyone who they thought had the money was quite a dramatic way to kick things off.
Jen: There was a moment in the Lady Luck Bar where a contestant stood up to tell their truth and it did not go down well at all. I turned to Susan and said iÿ this continues - we're leaving! It all got a bit tense.

What couples did you get on best with?

Susan: I got on with them all ÿor diÿÿerent reasons.
Jen: Adam and Mike, Daniel and Claire. to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Daniel on first impressions but I absolutely came around to him. They were so lovely.
Susan: Cherish and Jae were also lovely, they have such a funny dynamic.
Jen: Samm and Aysha were so sweet and you can see how in love they are with each other which was nice to see. I have so much respect for Aysha who shared with us that she had a hearing impairment - she certainly didn't hold back in any of the challenges, she threw herself into everything, even the water challenges where she was unable to wear her cochlear implant. We were all in awe of her!

Who did you have the most disagreements with during your stay?

Jen: I wasn’t too enamoured with Gary after one challenge as he referred to me as a 'crocodile' which I took as an insult, that’s not how he meant it I'm sure, but I took it offensively in the heat of the moment and had to chat it through with Susan.

If you could invite any three celebrities to stay alongside you at The Fortune Hotel who would they be?

Gino D’Acampo, Kevin Bridges and Ross Kemp.

What were the biggest perks of being a guest at The Fortune Hotel?

Susan: The people made the experience for us!
Jen: Having the opportunity to live that luxurious lifestyle away from your day to day with your best friend was really special. We also "borrowed" some luxury merchandise to keep as a little reminder of our stay at The Fortune Hotel!

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