"Amish Affair" and "Sister Wife Murder" coming to Lifetime this July

Lifetime Announces July Ripped from the Headlines Movies "Amish Affair" and "Sister Wife Murder"


Lifetime (US)

NEW YORK, NY (May 20, 2024) - Lifetime continues its summer Ripped from the Headlines slate with the addition of two new films in July which are inspired by actual events. Amish Affair premiering Saturday July 6, stars Ryan McPartlin (L.A.'s Finest) and Mackenzie Cardwell (Upload) and follows the story of an Amish woman who sets out to prove her innocence after she's framed for murder. Matthew Daddario (Why Women Kill), Dia Nash (Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story), and Ashley Williams (Amber Brown) headline Sister Wife Murder, premiering Saturday, July 13, about a young woman who falls for a charismatic pastor with a dark side. Both movies will air at 8/7c.

In Amish Affair, Hannah (Mackenize Cardwell) moves in with a charismatic Amish leader, Aaron (Ryan McPartlin), to help with his ailing wife. Seeking refuge after leaving her Amish community, Hannah is grateful to Aaron and his wife for opening their home to her and giving her work but as she tends to her household chores, the spark between her and Aaron is undeniable. Hannah knows their secret relationship has them both living in sin, so she decides to end it but when Aaron's wife suspiciously dies, she finds herself framed for murder and fighting to prove her innocence.

Amish Affair is produced by Muse Entertainment with Jesse Prupas and Chris Wade serving as executive producers. Ryan McPartlin serves as executive producer. Robin Hays directs from a script written by James Phillips.

Sister Wife Murder follows Chloe (Dia Nash), who after attending church for the first time one Sunday, becomes enamored with her pastor, Caleb (Matthew Daddario). In between secret moments and stolen glances, she falls in love with him only to learn that he's already married with not one, but two wives. Despite their unorthodox situation, Chloe is overjoyed when he proposes. But after experiencing Caleb's controlling behavior, she quickly realizes that their love was a far cry from happily-ever-after. Chloe and the other wives, Anna (Ashley Williams) and Margo (Ashley Dulaney), only have each other to depend on and when one of them mysteriously disappears, Chloe fears that she may be next.

Sister Wife Murder is produced by Hybrid with Manu Boyer serving as executive producer and directs from a script written by Peter Sullivan.

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